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Stuart Price, 9 September 1977, Paris, France. Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont, was born in France while his British born parents were on holiday. His mother and father were both concert pianists and Jacques was not allowed to listen to pop music until he was 14. His interest in making electronic music started in an unusual setting, namely the day centre of a mental institution to which he was admitted at the age of 15. Part of his group therapy sessions involved musical recreation and Lu Cont started using a keyboard and recording experimental tapes: "I was like the kid who wanted all the chocolate. As soon as I heard a bit of electronic music, I kept wanting more." He formed the retro electro-pop trio Zoot Woman with brothers Johnny and Adam Blake, releasing a self-financed single in 1995 and another for the independent label Wall Of Sound. When Zoot Woman was put on temporary hold, Price remained with Wall Of Sound and began recording as Les Rythmes Digitales. His debut Libération was a melange of Chicago house, disco, slap bass and 80s synthesizer hooks. Lu Cont's sense of fun was more pronounced on the follow-up, Darkdancer, which featured some ridiculously catchy electro-pop tunes and guest appearances from 80s throwbacks Nik Kershaw and Shannon.

Lu Cont's live performances have seen him wearing a red cape, glowing devil's horns and performing a cover version of Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love". Les Rythmes Digitales supported Bentley Rhythm Ace and Cornershop on tour, and remixed tracks for Cornershop and Pavement. Lu Cont's live version of Darkdancer was made available only as a download file. The revived Zoot Woman released their debut album in 2001.

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