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Les Savy Fav has, for the most part, remained a word-of-show, fanatical-fan-driven band. They have done it on their own, in the old-fashioned way, touring and making music. They aren't too cool for any school. They answer their own e-mails. They have maintained their independence and have built their consistently sold-out-show following without the championing of a major label, mainstream radio or MTV.

Having met in 1995 while attending art college in Rhode Island, Tim Harrington (vocals), Seth Jabber (guitar), Syd Butler (bass) and Gibb Slife (guitar) got together to form Les Savy Fav out of their additional musical interests in Nation of Ulysses, Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate and Jawbox, among others. Two years of gigging around the East Coast ensued before Sub-Pop took a shine and released their appropriately titled SubPop7, followed by their first full-length 3/5 that same year on Self Starter Foundation Records. Following the recruitment of drummer Harrison Haynes, DeSoto Records put out a 7" DeSoto in 1999 before issuing their second album The Cat and the Cobra by the end of that year. In 2000 Emor: Rome Upside Down was released capturing the group's incendiary stage presence in the studio.

On a cold winter night in 1995 the cover of INCHES was drawn on a cocktail napkin and then divided into nine sections. Each section of the napkin represented the cover art for a single; each of the nine singles was released on a different independent label. The completed puzzle of that original design and the resulting album is now Les Savy Fav's triumph, entitled INCHES.

Racking up 18 songs with an accompanying full-length DVD that highlights one of Les Savy Fav’s much-storied live-shows, INCHES documents an ambitious young band’s evolution. As INCHES progresses, one can hear Les Savy Fav devolving; fully matured ideas revert to noisy babies. Sophisticated lovers become horny teenagers. The listener is invited to feel part of this unique process of historical reduction.

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