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    LeToya Biography

    It's been a long time since LeToya Luckett was in the spotlight as one of the original members of Destiny's Child, but don't think she hasn't been keeping busy since then. She started another vocal group, the ill-fated Anjel, and a fashion boutique, the very successful Lady Elle, in her native Houston. She also found time to strike up a romantic relationship with Slim Thug, a star of the Houston rap scene.

    Never content to be Slim's award-show arm candy, LeToya is now ready to return to the spotlight. Her self-titled solo debut comes out July 25th on Capitol Records, and the first single, "Torn," is already tearing up the charts. LeToya was kind enough to field some questions from ARTISTdirect's users about her solo career, her days with Destiny's Child, her plans for the future, and lots more. All eyes on LeToya!

    Marcus Randell from Omaha, Nebraska asked:
    How did you get to be one of the Destiny's Child girls?

    Beyonce and I went to elementary school together and she found out that I could sing. Timing just happened to be perfect because they needed another girl for their group. So I auditioned and was chosen to be a member of the group.

    Charkerra from New York asked:
    Were you afraid to sing in front of a large group of people your first time? If so, how did you overcome that?

    Yes, it's funny because as a child I could get up and sing in front of anyone and not be scared at all, but as an adult you become so focused on what people are gonna think that you get nervous. So to avoid that, I just pray & meditate to calm my nerves.

    La'Kita from Hallettsville TX asked:
    You reppen Texas, I give you props! So what's really been up, I mean do you still keep in touch with Beyonce and Kelly? What about LaTavia?

    Well we sometimes see each other around Houston & we always speak & since I just started carrying B's new line House of Dereon in my boutique, I am in touch with her family & the people with her company. As for LaTavia, that's still my girl and she just moved back to ATL.

    Fe Fe Jenkins from Columbus, MS asked:
    LeToya I'm so glad to see you back on the scene. How have you handled all the negativity surrounding your break-up with Destiny's Child? It takes a strong woman to deal with what you've been through and just know that I'm really proud of you. You new joint is popping. Take care!

    Hey, I just see it as, this is how God wanted my life to turn out. At the end of the day I am very happy with life & my family & proud of everything that I have accomplished on my own. I don't hold grudges & I pray that they will have God's favor in everything that they do.

    Britney Torres from New York asked:
    What made you decide to wait so long to come out as a solo artist?

    It's nothing that I just decided, it just happened that way. I guess through everything I was going through, I had to take time to find out what I wanted to do & how I was gonna do it. I had to come into myself and get to know 'Toya' and how I feel is the timing couldn't be better.

    Nita from Miami asked:
    How do you think you have grown as an artist and a woman since your departure from Destiny's Child?

    Man I have grown so much in everything. I've grown in Christ, in my career, my business and I've gone through so many different learning experiences. I have seen so much at a young age and I'm glad that I was able to have that time to figure out what life is all about.

    Robert F. from Lansing, MI asked:
    The song "All Eyes on Me" is hot! I really like your voice, and I'm sorta surprised cuz I never heard it b4, ur just as good as "anybody" else out there. But to the question...who produced the beat? And who has influenced you vocally?

    The producer's name is JR and I have a vocal coach by the name of Jan Smith. She helps me to condition and take care of my voice. I also listen to a lot of different artists like: Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Mariah Carey, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder and Sade.

    Laura from Montreal asked:
    What's your favorite thing about being famous?

    What is famous? I just know how to have fun and be myself. Yes, it does feel good when people appreciate what you do but I love giving back and helping others.

    Samantha from Dry asked:
    Have you got any beauty secrets?

    Get as much sleep as possible.

    Krystal Goode from Rocky Mount NC asked:
    Hey LeToya, I heard that you and Slim Thug are getting married. Is it true?


    Brittany from Baltimore MD asked:
    How do u feel about Beyonce working with Slim Thug?

    That's their business and that was his business decision. I like the song, it's catchy.

    William Cornigans from New Haven, CT asked:
    What ever happened with the group Anjel?

    The production company fell through and the group went its separate ways.

    Briona from Washington, DC asked:
    Do you regret getting out of Destiny's Child?

    No, I don't question God and that was his decision not anyone else's. I'm happy with my life as it is.

    Myles from Houston (currently in Petersburg, VA) asked:
    Where do you see yourself at 50 years old?

    Surrounded by my family and traveling the world. Relaxing and living life!

    LeToya's debut album is available now in the ARTISTdirect Store.

    LeToya Bio from Discogs

    Platinum and #1 solo recording R&B singer, songwriter and actress.

    One of the original members of Destiny's Child (when they were a quartet).

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