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Lighter Shade Of Brown (LSOB) was formed in Riverside, California by ODM (One Dope Mexican, born Robert Gutierrez) and DTTX (Don't Try To Xerox, born Bobby Ramirez). Their debut album was titled Brown And Proud and it was released in 1990. Their second album, Hip-Hop Locos, was released in 1992 and helped LSOB get signed to Mercury Records. Their third album, Layin' in the Cut, was a disappointing album, althought it spawned the hit record "Hey D.J". This resulted in a hiatus for the group. They returned in 1997, signed to Thump Records, and released a self-titled album. Thump Records later released a Greatest hits album in 1999, and their fifth album, If You Could See Inside Me, was later released.

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