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    We received an overwhelming amount of responses to our "Ask the Artist" feature with Lil Jon. Thank you all for submitting your questions. We wish we could've used all of your intriguing inquiries, but alas the King of Crunk is a busy man. Lil Jon took time out of his busy schedule to bestow upon us his answers to these burning questions...

    1. Who are some of the non-hip hop artists that influenced you? (Josh B. from Burleson, Texas)

    Bad Brains.

    2. How did you learn to make your beats? Did you always have it in you or did you have some training? (Tim Webb from Statesboro, GA)

    I was always into making beats. I use to be A&R for So So Def and I learn a lot about the studio from that time.

    3. What type of software and equipment do you use for making your music? (Trey Sloan from North Carolina)

    808 all the way.

    4. What drives you? And how do you know when you've reached your highest potential? (Sara Averett from Patterson, CA)

    Highest, well I feel like I still have a lot of potential. I guess when my beats don’t make people rush the floor.

    5. Who inspires you? (King from Paris)

    My son.

    6. What’s the best way to get your own record label started? (Tha BlakSmif from Oakland)

    Get the right people to work for or with you.

    7. How did the pimp juice cup come about and where can I get one? (Alicia Barnes from Atlanta)

    This old grandmother in Chicago makes them. She made them for Snoop.

    8. What artists would you like to work with on your next album? (Michael Mckenzie from HardeeVille, South Carolina)

    Good Charlotte.

    9. Will you ever do a track with Eminem, Dr. Dre or G-Unit? (Jose Vallejo from Waco, Texas)

    I did the "Lean Back" remix that Eminem was on.

    10. When are you coming to Europe and The Netherlands? (Neek from The Netherlands)

    I was just there last week, stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park.

    11. Have you ever considered starting your own clothing line? (Torquesia from South Holland, Illinois)

    Somewhat, right now we are working on the new porno.

    12. Where did you get married and where was your honeymoon? (Brittany from Vero Beach, Florida)

    I got married at a beautiful location and the honeymoon too.

    13. Who are you married to? (Tamika from Dallas, Texas)

    ha ha ha

    14. How much money do you have? (Jake from La Crosse, WI)

    I live comfortable.

    15. What’s your real name? (Jonathan from Quebec)

    Jon Smith.

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