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Emerging in the early 90's as one of the forerunners of a style of ethereal, blissful pop termed "shoegazer" by the music press, Love Spirals Downwards have continued to evolve, never remaining static in one time or place. Each successive album brilliantly incorporates new elements into their foundation of beautifully atmospheric melodies and gorgeous female vocals. Over the decade Love Spirals Downwards' music has embraced the sounds of ambient electronica, trip hop, breakbeat, and drum n bass with ethereal synth and guitar to create a truly uncommon pop sound.

LSD began in 1991 as the recording projekt of Ryan Lum, a philosphy major at the time. After learning of Suzanne Perry's untapped talent for singing, he asked the young psychology major to try adding her voice to his home recordings. Magic was made, and the duo quickly put together a demo which they sent off to a few select labels. Fledgling darkwave label, Projekt, was the first to offer them a contract, which they readily accepted. Beginning with two tracks on one of the "Across This Grey Land" compilations, Love Spirals Downwards grabbed the attention of loyal Projekt listeners, launching a successful career on this indie label.

The duo's 1992 debut release, Idylls, introduced listeners to a unique, sumptuous sound composed of layered, interwoven guitar textures and exotically layered female vocals. Love Spirals Downwards seamlessly melded the 80's 4AD band sound with 60's inspired folk rock and international music to create a style all their own. This bold and impassioned debut quickly captured the hearts and minds of listeners world wide.

Ardor, released in 1994, align LSD with the shoegazer sound, utilizing the signature swirling guitars, minimal basslines and slow paced tempos of the genre. Suzanne's unique style of vocal harmonies, many times in foreign languages, took them far beyond the genre, however. Some people compared them to Dead Can Dance, others Cocteau Twins, or Slowdive. Dreamy and romantic sounding, Ardor is rich in atmosphere and feeling. Jennifer Ryan Fuller joined LSD for two tracks, one being the popular duet, "Depression Glass," making her the first additional vocalist to be introduced to LSD,

LSD's 1996 release, Ever, diversified their sound to a high degree, showcasing a wide-ranging mix of acoustic folk rock and ambient electronic grooves. A definite departure from their past albums, Ever's music combines a more modern feel with that of their classical-tinged and internationally influenced sounds. Incorporating more loops and fewer vocals than before, the songs are often minimal in effect. Poignant and bittersweet, but beautifully exalted, Ever is the bridge between the "old" sound of Love Spirals Downwards and the "new."

The band's best-selling fourth album, Flux, aptly proved their music is as at-home on the dance floor as it is in the bedroom. Love Spirals Downwards combine their trademark ether-bliss guitars and heavenly female vocals with a breakbeat rhythmic foundation for a sound that is uniquely their own. Flux begins Ryan Lum's excursion into drum and bass production, placing more emphasis on rhythm and beat than vocal fronting, and features additional lead vocalist Kristen Perry (sister to Suzanne). This album distinctly marks a turning point in Love Spirals Downwards' song writing and musical focus, bringing them closer to a contemporary pop sound than all previous efforts.

Their newest album, a collection of recent and older songs, is true to its title --Temporal -- providing new and old fans with a glimpse of where they are and where they've been. Following a reverse continuum, Temporal journeys from new dance remixes from Flux, backwards to material from their very first album. At both ends and in between, "Temporal" is a sumptuous sound of layered guitars and lilting female vocals, rich in mood and melody. About half electronically oriented, and half acoustic based, Temporal illustrates perfectly just how far the Love Spirals' sound has grown over the years and matured with the times.

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