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With three Veal albums under his belt (Hot Loser, 1996; Tilt O'Whirl, 1999; Embattled Hearts, 2003), a smash solo debut (Aloha, Manitoba, 2001), a live album (Outlaws, 2004), and an armful of notable producer credits including two albums each by NQ Arbuckle and Melissa McLelland, Luke Doucet indelibly brings his sensibilities to all projects as a visionary and the pioneer of a new movement in music. Spearheading a modern genre, country verité is Luke’s rogue angel. Fallen from tradition he walks in time, on earth, from the heart in technicolour. Broken (and other rogue states) is Luke Doucet’s most revolutionary work yet. It is the beginning of a new era for artists and fans everywhere.

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