M.V.P. (Most Valuable Playas)

M.V.P. (Most Valuable Playas) Biography

Long before rappers loaded their rhymes with gunplay and tough guy posturing, MC's used their mics to move the crowd. In an effort to keep the great hip-hop club tradition alive, the New York based club hip-hop crew, M.V.P. is set to steer the rap game away from its dismal street tales and back to the dance floor. The multi-cultural group embodies all the aspects of today's ever-expanding urban music scene including a female R&B singer named Mimi (Jasmine Ray), a multi-faceted versatile R&B singer, Vice Verse (Victor Matos), and Weekend Vibe's New York Correspondent and straight-up MC, Stagga Lee (Eric Newman). Providing the music for the all-city crew are songwriters, producers and arrangers, Maximino Perez and the famed entertainment industry vet, Robert Clivilles.

Max a former break-dancer for the East Bronx Breakers and who currently works at BET as the audio engineer for Rap City and 106 & Park and Robert has produced, written and or re-mixed records for some of the most successful artists in popular music including Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson and George Michael.

In his 15-plus-year career, Robert Clivilles has earned numerous awards including a Grammy for his work with Whitney Houston on The Bodyguard Soundtrack. With his former super group C+C Music Factory, Robert sold over eight million albums worldwide and picked up five Billboard Music Awards and five American Music Awards. Overall Robert is credited on over 20 million singles and 100 million albums worldwide.

After taking a six-year hiatus from the music business, Robert, who has DJ'ed at some of the biggest clubs around the world including the Palladium, Ministry Of Sound (London) and Studio 54 got the itch to write and produce music again. He decided to start a group with the individual acts he was working with at his New York recording studio. "It's important when I'm working with artists that they bring One Hundred Percent to the table," explains Clivilles. "They gotta sing, they gotta write, they gotta want it. I've made my biggest hits having fun entertaining and that's what this album's about."

As the first group to be released on Tommy Mottola's Universal distributed Casablanca Records, M.V.P.'s debut album, Hit The Spot celebrates the spirited hip-hop club anthems. The first single "Rock Your Body" fuses erotic Afro-Cuabn rhythms with Vice's dancehall stylings on the hook while Stagga Lee drops his lyrical heat all over the track. The party refuses to be broken up with up-tempo bangers like, "It's Gotta Be Hot," "Ride Wit Me," "Bounce" and "DJ Pump It Up" where M.V.P. rock along to tribal drum hits while commanding the entire dance floor to jump. The Bronx-born M.V.P. affiliated MCs, Fatts Bronson, Manchild, and J.R.X.L. all drop key appearances on Hit The Spot, most notably on, "Horney" where the playboy MCs spread their sexified wordplay all over the group's rawest freakfest.

When it comes to making hits, M.V.P. CEO, Robert Clivilles and his partner Max Perez have no problem pumping out non-stop spirited club anthems that are sure to surge any party with endless amounts of energy. Hit The Spot is packed with rhythms that pull influence from all over the globe and resonate with both playful and sexy lyrics. "M.V.P. is a fusion of what you got going on now in worldwide music," says Clivilles. "It's hip-hop music that's very club orientated. There is nothing gangsta about it. It's just straight up pop the bottle, let's drink and have a good time." Get ready to celebrate 'because M.V.P. will no doubt be bringing the heat to a dance floor near you.

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