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The Southern California-based MAD AT GRAVITY is not your average rock band. Their ultra-dynamic sound, which draws as much from U2, The Police, King Crimson and Zeppelin as from A Perfect Circle, Tool and Incubus, is a thick, creamy blend of bittersweet melodies, surging rhythms, and moody atmospherics.

Their textured songs are heavy, but would definitely not be termed metal. The band's writing is rooted in over-amped guitar territory, but their eclectic and elastic approach makes for an adventurous earful.

"I think we've got something really unique here," says Mad At Gravity drummer/band founder Jake Fowler. "For starters, we've got a vocalist who can actually sing—and that's a rarity these days. Then we have two guitarists each playing distinctively different parts, and that's also atypical. Most two-guitar bands don't need an extra player because they each do the same thing. And as far as rhythms are concerned, we often change time signatures, while keeping the melodies and hooks accessible enough for anyone to grab hold of."

What amazes most, though, is that their time tapestry and aural density is remarkably fluid, and never overshadows the music's emotional content.

Mad At Gravity's musical smarts come as no surprise when you consider their background. Fowler, for example, holds a degree in biology with an emphasis in evolutionary genetics. The band's rhythm guitarist, Anthony "Bosco" Boscarini —a former place kicker for the University of Southern California—recently graduated with a degree in economics. (Bostarini isn't the first member of his family to display a flair for theoretical and empirical analyses of market structure and regulatory mechanisms—his uncle is Italy's Commissioner of Finance.) Then there's self-taught bassist Ben Froehlich, who has a degree in art, and Robert Fripp-influenced guitarist James Lee Barlow, a studio wunderkind and former sound engineer for Alien Ant Farm. In other words, intelligent life does exist within the vast yet sometimes depressingly vacuous hard rock universe.

Anthony “Bosco” Boscarini – Guitars, Keys
James Lee Barlow – Guitars, Backing Vox
Ben Froehlich – Bass
Jake Fowler – Drums, Percussion

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