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It takes guts for a young band to burst on the scene and diverge from rock'n'roll's beaten path, to veer from todays formula, but Mars Electric, a foursome dedicated to writing and performing great, straight-up rock music, does just that. The highly sought-after band from Birmingham, Alabama reaches out and grabs the kind of bright melodies and classic chord changes you need hear only once to remember. In doing so they balance great songs with high style, and blur the line between modern and mainstream rock with a vibrant, entertaining sound all its own.

Mars Electric's debut album, Beautiful Something, serves up hearty helpings of heavy pop hooks, blistering guitar sounds, and exciting vocal harmonies. "Someday," the first single, combines old-school rock guitars with pop hooks and big choruses. Singer Jacob Bunton's distinctive voice contributes to the bands original sound. Additional tracks including the Zippo-waving ballad "Another Day (On Top of the World)" and the arena-made "Far Away" serve as genuine anthems which clearly demonstrate Mars Electric's talent, originality and passion. Even the album-ending "Lucid" has a unique style, combining the new-pop smarts of Nirvana with the sheen of old-school hard rock. Drummer Matt Finn is by far one of the best new rock drummers around. The album clearly displays a wide array of styles and ideas.

"It sounds cheesy," admits frontman Jacob Bunton, "but we all grew up on arena rock. We're trying for that same effect--some of those same ideas-- only with a more up-to-date sound and better hooks." Keep in mind, the oldest member of Mars Electric is only 26.

Formed in 1996 originally under the name Wish, Mars Electric exploded onto the Birmingham scene with great expectations and a steadfast desire to be the same kind of rock stars they dreamed of becoming as kids. Led by Bunton and including Carl Hopper (bass), Matt Finn (drums), and Chris Simmons (guitar), Mars Electric grew up believing music was the only thing that mattered.

Mars Electric's musical aptitude and ambition also made sense to the many labels that pursued them. After Columbia Records Senior VP of A&R John Kalodner heard the band's striking straight-on rock sound, he signed them to his own label, Portrait Records. Mars Electric is the first new band to debut on Portrait. "We're really happy to be where we are," says Bunton, flashing a charming smile. "We're gonna make sure this thing works out. We want a career in this industry," says Bunton, "and this being our first record, we felt we really had to do it right the first time."

Along the way, Bunton's done anything and everything to keep the Mars Electric dream alive. He worked long, exhausting hours to pay musicians and finance the band's expenses, including the band's first trip to New York-- whatever it took to get them where it mattered, on record and, soon enough, on the radio.

Influenced by everything from country, metal and 80s new wave, Mars Electric work hard to reflect not the sounds of those styles, but the soulfulness and hunger for melody inherent in them. "I loved the radio growing up," says Bunton, who began demonstrating an interest in music at an early age. "I couldn't live without the radio. That's why I feel like most of the songs I write come out sounding the way they do."

Combine their strong desire to entertain with great material and you've got a foolproof formula for success. Produced by Greg Archilla (Collective Soul, Matchbox 20, Neil Young) and mixed by Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Black Crowes, Silverchair), Beautiful Something burns with white-hot sound and crisp production.

"Ever since I was a little kid and I saw my first Motley Crue concert," says Bunton, "I was blown away and wanted to be a rock star. For me it's always been about music and putting on a great show. Now we've got that chance."

Beautiful Something is in stores February 29.

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