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For singer-songwriter Mat Kearney, Nothing Left To Lose is about how the echoes of your past can guide you through what lies ahead. It is indeed Kearney’s previous experiences that have built a bridge to the present, as his long journey has been fueled by patience, passion, and travail, which has allowed him to grow into the insightful and expressive artist that he is today. His story begins when he was introduced to his future producer Robert Marvin, who asked him to move to Nashville. In a just a few short months in Nashville, Mat had already generated quite a buzz, but he decided to shun the spotlight for the time being; Mat believed it was essential to develop his voice and hone his skills as a songwriter instead. After three years of musical growth, Kearney decided it was finally time to record an album, and he licensed his self-financed project, Bullet¸ to indie label Inpop Records. Kearney’s initial instincts about the natural course of his career were spot on: over the past year, he has sold over 30,000 copies of Bullet in the Christian market. Within a few months of the release of his independent record, Mat inked a deal with Aware/Columbia to release his major-label debut.

Nothing Left To Lose is an album that melds Kearney’s emotionally mature lyrics with a breadth of musical styles. Written to make sense of his life, this sensational work looks at the past to see the future. The album’s sprawling diversity, from the melodic hooks and pop sensibilities of the title track to the enchanting beats of “Undeniable,” reflects Kearney’s confidence and emotional range. The songs move fluently from the poetic meditations of folk to the embraceable openness of pop to acoustic moments backed by hip-hop rhythms. This distinctive artist is certainly poised to become one of the year’s finest songwriters, and this release will breakthrough and truly resonate in the hearts of all its listeners.

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American singer-songwriter born in Eugene, Oregon, on December 1, 1978), now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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