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Amid a revolving door of band members and an impressive discography, matt pond PA have spent the better part of their career struggling with, and often succeeding at, a need to orchestrate the narrative between their promise and their problems, and between nature and human nature. With Several Arrows Later (Altitude), the battle lines aren't just drawn - they are filled in.

First, a little history: Matt Pond the man grew up in New Hampshire among rocks and trees. matt pond PA the band was formed in Philadelphia where Pond lived in the late 90s. From the beginning, the band has always strived to challenge the typical notion of pop songwriting with their unpretentious use of strings along with Pond's literate yet often irreverent words and a distinct interplay between the music’s visceral drive and his sense of humor. Because of all this, mpPA are, and shall remain, pleasantly indefinable. And that's exactly how they like it: "We have always been a little askew," says Pond. "Normal never really felt right to us."

matt pond PA recorded several albums and EPs during Pond's Philadelphia tenure, enjoying brief stints on File 13 and Polyvinyl. During this period, band members came and went, making mpPA more of a revolving cast than a permanent company. In 2003, Pond moved to Brooklyn, where he met the people that would finally root the band in friendship and fidelity: Brian Pearl (guitars/piano), Dan Crowell (drums) and Daniel Mitha (bass). The following year, mpPA released Emblems (Altitude). People took notice, the critics liked it and a couple songs even showed up on The O.C. Over the next year, the band toured constantly, on their own as well as opening for bands like Keane and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists.

Pond wrote the bulk of Several Arrows Later during the time he was settling into New York, running away to New Hampshire to escape his claustrophobia and touring in his big white van. While writing, Pond brought pieces of these songs to guitarist Brian Pearl and producer Louie Lino who collaborated to form the most realized convergence of who the band is and what it is they do -- not to mention their best album yet. Recorded in Bearsville, NY, Several Arrows Later is undoubtedly mpPA's most coherent orchestration. Drums play a central role, but don't overtake as guitars, piano and their signature strings push everything forward to simultaneously flourish in full service of the songs. "The name may confuse, but especially around the time of writing Several Arrows Later, we played as a band and recorded as a band," says Pond.

Several Arrows Later represents the most immediate and rocking expression of mpPA's music yet. Pond's lyrics push through the confusion of city life (a smaller sky, throttling expectations and terrible parties) and the comfort of country life (the familiar, the green and the seasons) -- both asking and telling us why we act the way we do. But it's not a call to action; it's a plea against apathy. Musically, it shies away from the redundancy of present-day rock posturing yet remains totally immediate, relevant and ridiculously catchy.

mpPA is:

• Daniel Mitha: Aside from playing the rock 'n roll bass, Daniel sports an impressive collection of t-shirts bearing the likeness of hip-hop impresarios.

• Brian Pearl: Brian, a prolific musician of the classically-trained sort, can play a Built to Spill medley on any instrument in the world while also conversing on his "two-way."

• Dan Crowell: Dan is from a magical place called "Long Island," which is filled with only the finest of rainbows, unicorns, carports and hard-core bands. Dan's played in most of them.

• Matt Pond: Matt enjoys these things, in no particular order: swimming, rice and beans, Maker's Mark, pants, a cat named Pickles, Crime Mob, potato pancakes and Canada.

Several Arrows Later (Altitude, 2005)
Winter Songs (Altitude, 2005)
Emblems (Altitude, 2004)
The Nature of Maps (Polyvinyl, 2002)
The Green Fury (Polyvinyl, 2002)
This is Not the Green Fury (Polyvinyl, 2001)
I Thought You Were Sleeping (File 13, 2001)
Measure (File 13, 1998)
Deer Apartments (File 13, 1998)

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