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    MC Eiht Biography

    “You don’t have to go to L.A. to get your MC Eiht,” Lloyd Banks contended on his debut album, Hunger For More, which entered the Billboard pop chart at Number One. Banks’ assertion on his madly successful album keenly demonstrates how deeply it is ingrained within hip-hop consciousness that MC Eiht is known as being the streets’ ultimate spokesperson for the West Coast. Period.

    As signified by the title of Eiht’s new album, Veterans Day, Eiht is one of the true O.G.’s of L.A. hiphop, a true veteran of the ghetto, emerging in 1989, with the debut release from Compton's Most Wanted, It’s A Compton Thang. Coming into the game, Eiht rolled along side Tha Chill, their luminary scratcher DJ Mike T and producers Slip and DJ Unknown. Cited as a select musical inspiration for producer/director John Singleton’s classic film, Boyz In The Hood, the group’s single, “Growin’ Up In The Hood” was picked as the single for the film. Eiht’s releases with CMW, Straight Check’n Em and Music To Driveby, quickly became West Coast underground classics. Eiht, who has graced the cover of the Source Magazine twice, appeared in the Hughes Brothers’ feature film Menace II Society, and also achieved critical acclaim for his indelible single, “Streiht Up Menace,” which appeared on the film’s multi-platinum selling soundtrack, which held the Number One spot on the Billboard Top 100 R&B Albums Chart for eight weeks. We Come Strapped, which quickly achieved gold status, created controversy for its no holds barred attack on racist police officers, and was eventually attacked in a speech by then-Presidential candidate Bob Dole. Rolling Stone Magazine was among the media outlets that joined in the frenzy to address the fact that Eiht’s record label, Epic Records, felt compelled to issue an extra warning sticker on the disc, which stated that Eiht’s lyrics were not necessarily the opinions of the Sony label.

    Eiht released Death Threatz and Last Man Standing, officially ending his time with Epic, and then he signed with Priority, releasing Underground Hero, Section 8 and N My Neighborhood. Always in demand, he has accepted numerous offers to record duets on albums released by other artists, a few of which include Spice 1, Scarface and Pete Rock, but now he’s back on the solo tip with a new album, Veterans Day.

    Again, as noted by the album’s title, Eiht is reveling in the light of a long career that has garnered him sheer respect from the streets, as well as countless props from other artists. On Tupac Shakur’s birthday this year, L.A.’s KWPR 106 FM re-broadcast the interview during which Pac stated that when he was in prison at Dannemora, he fervently listened to MC Eiht’s music. When Ludicris broadcast his video countdown on MTV, he opened it up with Eiht’s “Streiht Up Menace.” To Eiht, these were not just props - they were omens. “All of this just told me I needed to be working on putting an album out, to keep going. I had done some projects that were just to keep my name out there, but I realized this year that I really wanted to do a significant album, which will actually be my very first since being in the Priority situation.” Despite his heavy reputation in the hip-hop world, Eiht acknowledges, “To some people, this will be my first solo album, because they weren’t around for my prior releases, and to them, this will be my first album.”

    The production on Veterans Day was done by Tha Chill, who has also recently recorded tracks for Snoop Dogg’s 213. There is one exception, and that is the track, “Some Of These Thugs,” produced by Prodeje of South Central Cartel.

    “I speak for the people on the streets and the underground,” notes Eiht. “I try to keep my music on that level. I don’t deal with how much money there is, or how much it’s going to cost to get a chick that is a celebrity. I can’t talk about people in Compton riding around in Bentleys and going to the clubs, messing with models. We don’t even have any clubs in Compton. My music is about being in the neighborhood, being around real people, who are stuck in the struggle of doing whatever they be doing, every day jobs, dope dealing, trying to take care of their families.”

    He adds, “A lot of guys never get a chance to do what I’ve been doing, but I still stay true to where I started, still being able to connect with folks. That’s why I feel I can touch a lot of people.”

    You don’t have to go to L.A. to get your MC Eiht, because instead, you can go to the nearest place where there’s a record store, and get a copy of Veterans’ Day. Geah.

    MC Eiht Bio from Discogs

    Aaron Tyler (born May 22, 1967 in Compton, California) is an American rapper better known by his stage name MC Eiht.

    A pioneer of gangsta rap, he first emerged as one of the lead rappers of Compton's Most Wanted (CMW), and later became an actor and solo MC. He is best known in the acting world for his role as "A-Wax" in The Hughes Brothers' film Menace II Society, and for providing the voice of Ryder in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. CMW is set for a reunion which will feature on DJ Slip's next album The Minority Report. MC Eiht also had a role in 1998's movie, Thicker than Water as Lil Ant with Mack 10, Fat Joe, Ice Cube, WC, CJ Mac, Big Pun, and Cypress Hill's B-Real. One of his most famous songs would most likely be Straight Up Menace from the motion picture Menace II Society. This song is considered by many to be one of the greatest rap songs of all time. He is best known for his catchphrase "Geyyeahh".

    DJ Quik and MC Eiht constantly dissed each other while both had growing popularity at the time. The feud was fueled when DJ Quik gave shout outs to C.M.W on an early mixtape, and MC Eiht interpreted it as a diss, they say he may have been jealous because rival DJ Quik was making a buzz in Compton. Eiht also had ties to the Crips (He is a member of Tragniew Park Compton Crips.), while Quik had ties to the Bloods (He is a member of Tree Top Piru, another gang from Compton.). The beef was ended when Eiht was residing at Snoop Dogg's house, where Snoop got Eiht and Quik together and they squashed the beef that had brewed for many years. MC Eiht can be seen in the Wu-Tang Clan's video for "Can It All Be So Simple" and Ol' Dirty Bastard's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" and the remix.

    In recent years, MC Eiht's career in the rap game has declined, ever since former Rival DJ Quik dissed him with Dollaz & Sence, since than MC Eiht has become involved in a number of side projects when he is not releasing solo albums - including two collaboration albums with Spice 1 (The Pioneers and *Keep It Gangsta in 2004 and 2006, respectively), a record with Brotha Lynch Hung (The New Season in 2006), and another Compton's Most Wanted album (Music To Gang Bang, also in 2006). More recently, MC Eiht has begun working with Snoop Dogg, appearing on two songs from Snoop's new album Tha Blue Carpet Treatment and also participating in Snoop's side project Warzone along with Goldie Loc and Kam.

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