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For the past five years, Melanie C has been Sporty Spice. She was one of five girls who, together, would go on to become some of the most famous women on earth. During their reign, Spice Girls have sold over 40 million records and have had their lives microscopically detailed by the tabloids in a fashion that suggests they must be royal. Wherever they've travelled in the world, they've been fanatically received: Nelson Mandela still remembers the kiss, Prince Charles the pinch. While other band members were perhaps louder and more glamorous, Melanie C was the more mysterious. She was the quietest of the quintet, then the quietest of the quartet. Then, she capped one of her teeth in gold, and had tattoos applied to her upper arms, her lower back. She got very fit. General consensus suggested that she was the best singer of the bunch, and the most down to earth. She was likeable, but never quite shone to her full potential.

While you may already be more than familiar with her, she is about to release a debut solo album, which is guaranteed to take everyone by surprise. Anticipation will be rife, and she will confound all expectation. Think re-birth, think total reinvention. And prepare yourselves for a shock.

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English singer-songwriter and actress, born 12 January 1974 in Whiston, Merseyside, England.

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