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Melanie Thornton was born in May 1967 in South Carolina in the USA. She studied singing as a child and began working with US jazz and blues bands. She found success in Germany, where she arrived in 1992 with just $15.

Spotted by Frank Farian (Boney M., Milli Vanilli) in Frankfurt, she went on to front dance act La Bouche with rapper Lane McCray. La Bouche had a series of No. 1 hits including the singles Be My Lover, Sweet Dreams and Falling In Love.

The Sweet Dreams album was a major success in Europe and the group made two more, Moment of Love in 1998 and SOS in 1999. But Ms. Thornton left the group in February 2000 for an independent career.

Her first solo single, Love How You Love Me, was a hit in Germany in November 2000. Singles like Heartbeat and Making Oohh Oohh followed. Beautiful Dream - Holidays Are Coming has been chosen as the song for a new Coca-Cola TV commercial.

Before this song and her album "Ready to Fly" was released, Melanie tragically died in a plane crash on the 24th of November, 2001.

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