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Michael Jahnz, powerhouse rocker and former frontman for REO

Speedwagon's Gary Richrath, is taking the rock stage by a storm and receiving international critical acclaim for the release of his new album Project 3:13. His song, "I Found in You" was just named one of the Top Rock Songs of 2000 by Songwriters of Wisconsin International, where the panel of judges, comprised of 45 independent record label executives and music professionals from the U.S. and over a dozen

countries overseas, gave Jahnz's original blend of progressive and melodic rock high marks, as well as his heartfelt lyrics and superior vocals.

Jahnz previously toured with the Richrath Band, logging over 1,000 shows across North America to the reception of enthusiastic fans, including crowds of over 20,000 in San Antonio with Ted Nugent and 80,000 in Kansas City with Styx. Richrath, who sold over 30 million albums with such mega-hits as "Take It On the Run" and "Ridin' the Storm Out," performed those songs as well as popular originals from the band's Only the Strong Survive CD. Says Gary

Richrath, "Michael Jahnz is a tremendous singer and songwriter. His songs are just dynamite!" So good, in fact, that Jahnz was credited with writing nearly half of the songs on the Richrath CD.

With his new Project 3:13 CD, "Jahnz shows that he is ready, willing and able to step out on his own and carve his own niche in Classic Rock history!" says Classic Rock Revisited Magazine. Maximum Ink Music Magazine adds, "Michael Jahnz has that REO connection with his work with Gary Richrath, and it shows with ultra smooth solos and slick harmonies in his new Project 3:13. [Jahnz is].a strong writer of glossy power rock that's fit for arenas with soaring chords and skyrocketing solos." Lycos Music Editor Chad Driscoll concludes, "Jahnz is a seasoned, confident performer who has earned his place on the ground level of the pantheon of rock stars."

During his years with the Richrath Band, Jahnz shared the stage with many of his musical influences, including a number of classic rock bands like Kansas, Styx, Yes, Rush, REO and Journey who are currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity with the release of new critically acclaimed albums. Jahnz has built upon these classic rock influences to create an updated new sound that combines the best of melodic and progressive rock. Classic rocker Don Henley, commenting on the success of his #1 hit song "Taking Me

Home," keenly observes, "I think music is in a real state of transition right now, like it was in the mid-60's.

There's a whole new generation of kids coming up and I think the people who run record companies are either

too old or too out of touch to get on the bandwagon quick enough. A lot of music is real shallow right now. People seem to be lost, to be groping for something and there aren't any leaders right now. There's 30 million baby boomers out there, and they want good, quality music with depth. That's the magic formula."

Critics assert the new Michael Jahnz CD contains that magic formula. "Songs that feel familiar on first listen yet have a depth that keeps you coming back for more is becoming quite rare these days, but Michael seems to have found the magic formula," says Kurt Torster of SFK Magazine. "One play was all it took to convince me of Michael's abundance of talents. From his soaring vocals to his 'from the heart' songwriting, the positive attitude brought forth is refreshing... Overall, if I needed one word to describe this disc, 'classy' would be it... This stands miles beyond the rest."

With heartfelt songs, dynamic vocals and an abundance of energy, Michael Jahnz captivates his audiences with his live performances. Teaming up with Todd Giffin on lead guitar, Scott Weber on keyboards, Jake Conner on bass and Ted Slaby on drums, Jahnz's unique blend of progressive and melodic rock is poised to become a powerful influence in rock history.

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