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Michael Pohrer / Drummer-Percussionist

In the late 1950's legendary percussionist Richard Pohrer had started the rock-n-roll movement in the Midwest with undeniable class, and style. Providing the backbeat for artists Chuck Berry, and Ike and Tina Turner. In the early 1960's that legendary percussionist passed on his talent to his legacy Michael Pohrer.

Born, February 17, 1963 Michael immediately began showing signs of being a percussion prodigy, learning stick handling at the age of one. At the age of three Michael had already mastered snare drum rudiments, within one year the percussionist had moved onto a full size kit. At age five he was enrolled into a percussion training school. Within two classes though the budding prodigy was already well ahead in the art than any of his peers. He had acquired more knowledge from his legendary father than anyone had realized. Learning intricate rhythm patterns, stick handling techniques, and foot rudiments that can only be truly learned through constant practice, and continual guidance from a professional entertainer.

In 1968, at the young age of five, Michael began performing professionally on stage with some of the best musicians in St. Louis. During the next few years he continued to perform, and continued honing the skills he acquired throughout his teenage years. Eventually forming a few groups that performed throughout the bi-state region (Missouri-Illinois) at many prominent venues such as Club Imperial, and Stages.

One of these groups Lost Cause, eventually ended up starting Michael on his path to recording music. After recording, the group Lost Cause disbanded, Michael then performed with various talented musicians throughout the late 1980's, and early 1990's. In 1995 Michael decided to form the group OUTTALINE, making a few calls to some local musicians whom he had come in contact with throughout his carreer, OUTTALINE performed for two years. Realizing that the musicians didn't have the drive to succeed, he shelved the OUTTALINE project.

In 1997, Michael joined Lickity Split, where he met up with bassist Jack Plaggenberg, and guitarist Chris Dunnermann. The trio instantly clicked and Jack and Michael formed one of the tightest rhythm sections in the area. Lickity Split performed for about three years before the trio parted ways to persue other projects.

In 2000 Michael decided to use the OUTTALINE project once more with a few different musicians. The group instantly became popular in the Midwest. After about two years of performing, Michael realized that the members were not really interested in taking the group to the next level, so he continued writing and persuing musicians to fill the rest of the group again.

In 2002, Michael called upon his longtime friend, and bassist Jack Plaggenberg to see if he would be interested in joining OUTTALINE. Jack agreed that reforming the rhythm section between the two would be a great experience. The duo then held auditions for a guitarist that could handle the direction that the band would take. The duo found a left handed six string grinder with the potential to take the band OUTTALINE to the next level. OUTTALINE began working on the debut release "WE GOT YOU COVERED" which was released in 2003. Jack Plaggenbergs's relentless work on contributing to the disc, garnered the group the hit single "Chainsaw" which was picked up by commercial airwaves across the nation. The original guitarist was really never interested in the heavy recording / touring schedule and Chris Dunnermann would often fill in on guitar duties.

In 2004, OUTTALINE recorded a live dvd. The dvd included the video for the single "Chainsaw" which was picked up by VH1, and Fuse TV gaining the group a larger fanbase, and a strong foothold in the entertainment industry.

In 2005 Chris Dunnermann replaced the original guitarist full time, who could not fulfill his recording / touring duties. Outtaline continues to perform to this date. APA services state "This three piece set-up has been burning up stages with hot guitar hooks along with infectious grooves." Article courtesy Editor Bob Simmons.

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