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Guitarist, composer, arranger and producer who also played several other instruments born at the 26th of May 1946 in Hull (UK) and died at the 29th of April 1993.

His first instruments as a kid where the piano, recorder, violin and harmonium, later he started to play guitar. He joined his first band called The Mariners in November 1963 at an age of 17. Later he joined The Crestas which he left in 1965 to move to London (UK) where he soon joined The Voice (8) which soon after disbanded. He joined the soul band The Wanted for a short period before he moved back to Hull (UK). There he joined The Rats in 1966 which changed their name into Treacle in 1968 which wasn't a success as well. Then in 1970 was asked to join the David Bowie backing band The Hype and at the 5th of February of 1970 he made his debut with David Bowie at the Peel Sessions in BBC Radio 1. With the backing band The Hype they also started to record their own music and released one single. Later Mick also started to work together with David Bowie on the arrangements and Mick became also active as an arranger and producer for other artists. In 1973 he stopped working with David Bowie and started to release solo work. He was for a short moment a member of Mott The Hoople and had a band called Hunter Ronson Band. Then he mainly focused on producing.

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