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Described as everything from sonic rock to dream pop, Mistle Thrush continue to define and redefine their music through 4 CDs, 11 compilation tracks and over 200,000 miles of travel to date. The dedicated group draws its elements from such figureheads as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to PJ Harvey and The Verve. Steve Morse from the Boston Globe recently identified the band as "an expansive, psychedelic-spiced rock unit with influences from Jim Morrison to Kate Bush." CMJ New Music Report writes, "Remarkable… Enchantingly moody." Virtually Alternative said, "like Sonic Youth, Mistle Thrush pushes the borders of indie guitar rock by experimenting in the studio, combining the ethereal and the unforgiving." And from the pages of the Boston Phoenix, "A pretty female voice… draped in the raunchiest guitars that can be found."

Upon releasing their first 7" in 1994, Mistle Thrush developed a partnership with Washington, D.C.-based Bedazzled Records. A string of releases followed, culminating in the acclaimed full-length Silt, which earned them national attention including a full-page profile in Alternative Press. On their own dime, the band then recorded their third album, Super Refraction, in New York City with producer Kurt Ralske (Rasputina, Swell, Ultra Vivid Scene). After shopping the CD to labels and booking agents, years of self-promotion and self- management grabbed the attention of August Artists Group, the company responsible for bringing Madonna into the public eye. After signing with Camille Barbone from August Artists, the band soon had a deal with the independent label Egg Records. The resulting alliance won Mistle Thrush a publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music.

Following the release of Super Refraction on Egg Records, a year of relentless touring took its toll on the band, which resulted in the departure of two original members and a separation from their record label. Still committed to promoting the album, a determined Mistle Thrush continued to tour with friends filling in throughout 1999. They shared the stage with such acts as Sonic Youth, Garbage, Spiritualized, Luscious Jackson, Morphine, and Love and Rockets, to name a few. Triumphantly, Super Refraction received national airplay and attention with daily rotation on WBCN, charting on CMJ's Top 100 and a pick hit in Friday Morning Quarterback, all aiding Mistle Thrush in capturing new markets across the U.S. They finished the year by performing at Rolling Stone magazine's holiday party in New York City and were honored back home in the Boston Music Awards for Best Indie Album and Best Female Vocalist.

With two new compilation tracks released in the Spring of 2001, ("Heavy Set John" on Arch Enemy's Know Your Enemy and "Drowning For William" on the BDC's Maximum Wage), and two new tracks on Chicago-based Invisible Records' ambitious compilation Notes From Thee Real Underground (October 2001), Mistle Thrush are back in full swing. Their fourth album, entitled Drunk With You, was produced with Grammy-nominated engineer Andrew Schneider (Blue Man Group). The new album, released in New England on January 29th, will be released nationally on February 26, 2002 on Ecstatic Records. Initial reaction to the album has been overwhelming - thanks to WBCN for once again getting behind the band and adding the first single "Small" to regular rotation (along with some high praise from industry-revered Program Director Oedipus). Plus, Valerie has been nominated in the 2002 Boston Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist. Along with commercial airplay, "Small" is also making its way into area dance clubs, further proving Mistle Thrush's crossover ability. . Their latest studio recordings embody their hard-won experience with flair, bringing in elements that range from dreamy and sonic textures to AM gold with splashes of trip-hop. Imagine a room full of hashish-smoking gurus waxing philosophic while listening to Abba! Drunk With You showcases Mistle Thrush's genre- straddling ability with nods to 60's soul, 80's New Romanticism and bombastic nu beat that sounds like Massive Attack meets Black Sabbath. Simply put, Mistle Thrush will appeal to anyone who's a fan of passionate, sincere music.
For those seeking refuge from a market dominated by regurgitated metal and fluffy teen stars, Mistle Thrush delivers substance and a kick in the ass.

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