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Modern Talking, consisting of producer / songwriter Dieter Bohlen and vocalist Thomas Anders, was formed in 1984 in Berlin by Hansa label. The studio line-up also included Luis Rodriguez, Ralf Stemmann, Rolf Köhler, Michael Scholz, Detlef Wiedeke and Birger Corleis.

Their debut single "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" reached the top of the German pop charts and was No.1 for 6 weeks. After their incredible success in Germany, Modern Talking released their hit-single in Europe, Japan and the USA. They landed on top of the charts in 17 countries, including Japan’s top 15, being the first German act ever to enter Japanese chart. The single was also No.1 in Israel and Tu rkey, No.2 in South Africa, No.56 in the UK.

Modern Talking's debut LP, succinctly titled "The First Album", followed on the heels of their second single, "You Can Win If You Want," which confirmed their success being No.1 all over Europe (also No.1 in Israel and Turkey, No.10 in South Africa, but only No.70 in the UK). The first album achieved the platinum status in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and gold in Belgium, Finland, Israel, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Chile, Norway, Sweden.

The duo's sophomore effort, Let's Talk About Love, appeared in late 1985, launching the No.1 European smash "Cheri Cheri Lady" (also No.1 in Israel, Turkey and Hong Kong, No.13 in South Africa and No.44 in Japan). The second album reached the platinum status in Germany, Austria; and gold in Switzerland, Chile, Norway, Hong Kong.

With 1986's Ready for Romance (platinum in Germany, South Africa, Chile, Spain and gold in Argentina, Austria, Hong Kong), Modern Talking scored their biggest hit with "Brother Louie" (No.1 in Europe, Turkey, Israel, Hong Kong and South Africa, No.2 in Ireland, No.4 in the UK, No.15 in Mexico, No.34 in Canada). Another No.1 European hit "Atlantis Is Calling" followed very soon (also No.1 in Israel and Turkey, No.3 in Hong Kong, No.12 in South Africa, No.55 in the UK). Scoring gold with "Brother Louie" in Canada, Mexico and England, Modern Talking seemed to have the US market wide open to them.

However, after 1986's In the Middle of Nowhere (platinum in Chile, Spain and gold in Germany, Austria, Hong Kong) with hit-singles "Geronimo's Cadillac" (Top-10 in Europe, No.1 in Hong Kong and Turkey, No.2 in Israel, No.4 in South Africa, No.25 in Egypt) and "Give Me Peace On Earth" (No.7 in Belgium, No.28 in Austria, No.29 in Germany) tensions between Bohlen and Anders reached their boiling point, and following the release of their fifth LP, Romantic Warriors, Bohlen assembled a new project, Blue System. The final Modern Talking album, In the Garden of Venus, appeared posthumously at the end of 1987, after which Anders mounted a solo career.

In 1998 Bohlen and Anders reunited for a new Modern Talking album "Back For good" featured raps by Eric Singleton. The world witnessed the most successful comeback ever: their first performance was in front of an 18 million TV audience. The album was a huge success achieving triple platinum in Sweden; double platinum in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malaysia, Singapore, Chile, Argentina; platinum in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Poland, Spain and gold in Netherlands, Greece.

Modern Talking is considered as the most successful German band ever and with ov .... Click here to read the full bio on DISCOGS.

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