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Formed in Chico, California in 1991, The Mother Hips have spent more than a decade refining a trademark blend of catchy, Beatlesque pop, psychedelic jam-rock and rootsy folk twang that has made them a perennial favorite on college campuses across the land.

Lead vocalist and chief songwriter Tim Bluhm's love of retro sounds is obvious in his music, but even the music geeks here at ARTISTdirect were impressed with how deep he went into the vaults to pull out these seven nuggets from the Golden Age of hippie rock.
   Leon Russell
Carney (1972)
"My parents used to have the eight-track of this when i was little and just the picture on the cover scared me pretty bad. Now that I am a full-grown man it is the music that spooks me. It is dark, reflective and really low-fi in a Nashville, Shelter People kind of way."
   J.J. Cale
Naturally (1971)
"Speaking of Shelter People Records, this one can show you how much cooler J.J. Cale is than Eric Clapton (who covered Cale's 'After Midnight' and 'Cocaine.') He whispers more than sings and is one of my very favorite guitar players. Some of the tracks are just fade-ins to jams and then they fade out after two minutes."
   Neil Young
Neil Young (1969)
"His first solo record. It is very ambitious production-wise and sounds way different from anything since. Kind of like Buffalo Springfield without macho Stephen Stills. Lots of layered fuzz guitars that are even now totally unique as far as I know. This record makes you wish you lived in Topanga, [California] in '68 (if you didn't already)."
   Linda Perhacs
Parallelograms (1970)
"This lady seems like she was totally outside any kind of music scene, just making these tripped-out recordings somewhere along the foggy coastline of Washington state. It is creepy and pretty and very stony. I think it was recorded in 1970 and then lost until the mid '90s or something. Ameoba Records describes it as, 'Joni Mitchell on acid.'"
   The Beach Boys
Friends (1968)
"Arguably the best Beach Boys album. It reminds me vaguely of Christmas time for some reason. "
   Grand Funk Railroad
Grand Funk (1970)
"Super raw and raunchy power-trio recording from 1970. This is one of the records that I literally wore out when I was a teenager. This one is of course before they added a keyboard player and went all 'We're-an-American-Band' on us. "
   Brian Eno
Another Green World (1975)
" I'm not sure but I bet this is a concept album. Great art-pop songs mixed with beautiful flying-over-Manhattan-at-night industrial instrumentals. I can listen to those ones over and over again."
The Mother Hips' new EP Red Tandy is available now in the ARTISTdirect Store, as are all of Tim's picks. Click any of the album covers for more information.

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