Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters Biography

Born: 04 April 1915, Rolling Fork, Mississippi, USA.

Died: 30 April 1983, Westmont, Illinois, USA.

American blues musician and considered by many to be a founder of the modern Chicago Blues style. A powerful inspiration in the emergence of the electric blues oriented groups in the UK during the 60s.

On Morganfield's marriage license & musician's Union Card he indicates the year of his birth as 1913. His place of birth was, in fact, in Issaquena County near Rolling Fork. However, his gravestone remains dated as 1915.

As with much of the blues genre, innuendo played an important role in lyrical interpretation. The term 'muddy waters' could be construed as an oblique reference to NSU. Such reference perhaps picked up on the Cream album: Fresh Cream

Morganfield was inducted into the 'Rock And Roll Hall of Fame' in 1987 (Performer).

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