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    MUTEMATH Biography

    In 2001, Paul Meany in New Orleans began receiving instrumental demos from Darren King in Springfield, MO. After several months, they recruited Greg Hill and Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas, and MUTEMATH was launched.

    With its debut EP Reset issued by Warner Bros. in 2004, the band began blitzing Web sites such as MySpace, including video blogging a live performance of "Chaos." Once on tour, MUTEMATH drew huge crowds in L.A., New York, Nashville, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, and elsewhere.

    The band sold more than 30,000 copies of Reset. MUTEMATH's self-titled 2006 debut album, initially indie-released, was showcased on stage at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Cornerstone and on the Warped Tour. Re-released by Warner Bros., the album spun off the Modern Rock Top 40 "Typical," whose video was Grammy® nominated. The band was also heard on 2007's Transformers: The Album with "Transformers Theme."

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