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    N-Dubz Biography

    You've heard of us, even if you don't know it yet. Remember that boy driving you mad every morning on the No.42? The one playing music on his mobile at full volume? He's listening to our music. So is his sister, his best mate, his best mates older brother and his teacher.

    Throughout our career we've strived to become masters of the melody, kings of the chorus and rulers of the adlib, simply put we balance straight-up pop smashes with a street smart style and our musics for everyone.

    "We make songs for your mum, your dad and your nan"

    Three years ago we were practically unknown but through hard work and perserverence we've cultivated a wide and loyal fanbase and now all across the country people know us by our signature catchphrases of 'Na-na-niiii', 'Ha ha, ha ha, and 'Its N-Dubz (N-Dubz) WHAT!' as well as our love of eye catching head wear. It feels like its our time now and our growing fan base seems hungry to hear more.

    We know its rare to come across a group you totally believe in and there are a lot of good acts in the UK, but great ones?.. not so many, but we definitely aim to change that...

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