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....It's one of those stories that generally doesn't happen, but can happen in the crazy world of Rock n Roll: A local band with good following plays a dive in their hometown and a great set of ears happens to be in the audience. No, not the ears of some A&R rep obliged to attend a gig to cover a week in the sun at the expense of a label, but the knowing ears of AC/DC lead singer, Brian Johnson! The famous rocker loves the band, buys them beers and the next thing you know there's an album being made with Johnson at the production helm and one of the Rock world's top engineer's, Mike Fraser, (Metallica/Aerosmith/AC/DC, blah,blah, blah) mixing. The result, Neurotica's debut release: Seed. Great reviews followed: Hit Parader raved; "Neurotica seem to have all the bases covered on their quest to become hard rock's Next Big Thing." Metal Edge described Neurotica's music as "metallic, hypnotic and kickass.; classic and modern at the same time" ****. Even the conservative Billboard boasted of their first single, "Easy Speak," "the song deserves the attention of all of mainstream rock radio." Attention is what "Easy Speak" got nationwide, prompted by heaps of support from nationally syndicated shock-jock, Bubba the Love Sponge. But Neurotica's Seed was doomed. The failure and eventual demise of the label's distributor, Alliance Entertainment (AEC, then the largest Independent National Distribution company in the world) had a profound impact; the fans and the retailers could not get Neurotica! In other words, Seed never had a chance to grow. Fortunes have changed for Neurotica and the label, NMG Entertainment. With a new deal with International distribution giants, K-Tel (KTD), Neurotica is getting a much deserved and anticipated second chance. One listen to their latest release, Living In Dog Years, and it is obvious; what doesn't kill you does make you stronger. Musically falling right between their Florida Rock brethren, Limp Bizkit and Creed, Neurotica to paraphrase Hit Parader, do have all the bases covered on their quest to become loud rock's Next Big Thing. Whether it's the first single, "Ride of Your Life," with its driving guitars and a hip as hell speed rap bridge or the hook crazy title cut, "Living on Dog Years," Neurotica takes American rock back to where it belongs: loud and over-the-top. Neurotica formed in 1994 as an outgrowth of frontman, lead mouth, Kelly Shaefer's acclaimed 90's death metal band Atheist (WEA/Metalblade) with Shawn Bowen (guitar), G.J. Gosman (drums), Migwell Przybyl (bass) and Louis Polito (guitar) who all knew of each other before finally hooking up from playing in various groups. Working day gigs, the band rehearsed five nights a week in an old warehouse. Free of issues and politics, Neurotica is as undoctored and bare bones as they come. Potent, driving, phat ass, crunchy and powerful, Neurotica is rooted in the classic approach to rock and roll: the music. With a live show that melds electricity, raw passion and street-like intensity, Neurotica takes you on the Ride of Your Life.

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