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The roots of Acid Jazz and the Night Trains will be forever intertwined. Although originally a live band, led by bassist Hugh Brooker, they first came to public attention with the marvellous cut up single "Open Channel D". This single, one of the first to use jazz based break beats, appeared just as the Acid Jazz phenomenon was sweeping through London's club land in late 1987, becoming one of the early anthems of that scene. While working towards

their first album the band would appear on Polydor's "Acid Jazz And Other illicit grooves" compilation with "Now We Have Rhythm", and on Acid Jazz's "Totally Wired 2" with "The Killer". By this time the band were once more a fully working live unit, often performing with legendary rapper Africa Bambata. Bambata featured on several tracks from their debut album "Checkmate" which was released on BGP in 1989. This album achieved cult status in Europe and widespread acclaim in Japan where the band toured on several occasions.

It was at this stage, due to personnel differences, that Hugh decided to put the band on ice and formed The Humble Souls with Simon Anniki (AKA Wildski) erstwhile rapper with Norman Cook's Beats International. Although The Humble Souls released three singles and (eventually) an under rated classic of an album, things did not run smoothly. It was in a lull from Humble Souls duties that Hugh decided to reactivate the Night Trains, recording the second album "Loaded" in a week in Acid Jazz's west end studios in July 1992, utilising the skills of amongst others, The Sandals and Jamiroquai. The resulting album was a dense mixture of funky grooves and incessant rhythms. However, it's rushed nature and lack of proper song structures were not completely to Hugh's liking.

Therefore, on commencing to record the third Night Trains album 'Sleazeball', song structures and live playing were much to the fore in Hugh's thinking. Recorded a year after 'Loaded', with The Humble Souls project having finally run its course, the album sees a new phase in the development of the Night Trains. The project can now be seen as much more accessible with the first single from the album; the highly infectious 'Lovesick', picking up several Radio One plays. Three years on and the Night Trains re-appeared with a single "The Wave" and a new album "Obstruct the doors, cause delay, and be dangerous". Along with a sponsorship backing from the fashion house Cerruti Brothers and exclusive single launches at Milan Fashion Week, The Night Trains were certainly the centre of much media attention.

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