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Formed in late 1999, No Angels derives it sound from a mixture of influences including metal, ambient, and indie rock. The offspring of this colaboration is a hard hitting, yet melodicaly peaceful portrayal of a corrupt society and sick culture. Sitting on the line between sadness and strong will, the music dissects the acceptable and reconsiders the denied. The band is composed of a single member, Jared Micah, who formed No Angels as a result of his inability to work with other musicians in sharing the same view. His goal with No Angels was to release and submerse simultaneously, with no boundaries or law to limit the expression from bleeding completely through the opened scars that were left as reminders of dark ages. A blend of heavy guitars, passionate keyboards, and clashing percussion are acompanied by soft speaking vocals that wind into uplifting shouts, then drop to a whisper.

It's spiritual impact comes through clearly, and draws you in, drowning you in a pool of emotion and anguish, then leaving you there with a mind cluttered with thoughts and questions on the theological, poetic words spoken within the music.

The band is still a free agent, but that won't be for long. Expect to be seeing more of this band and witnessing the changes they bring to this world.

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