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    Oranger Biography

    A shoo-in to succeed the Bay Area rock throne long left vacant by Steve-Perry-era Journey, Oranger is a band whose career to date has been punctuated by critical success and a highly enviable tour history. As Oranger releases its 4th full-length, New Comes and Goes, the band discovers it’s at its strongest when it does what it knows best—playing rock music irreverent of time and place.

    Bob Reed of Oranger took time out of his schedule to share his essential albums with ARTISTdirect!

       Porcupine Echo and the Bunnymen
    Porcupine - $10.99
    "This album is just freaking amazing. Deep, scary at times. Must hear on headphones. The production will blow your mind. Standout tracks – “The Cutter, “Heads Will Roll”, “My White Devil."
       Revolver The Beatles
    Revolver - $15.99
    "The Beatles in a sort of crossover period, before they went full-tilt psychedelic w/ "Sgt. Pepper's". I first heard this LP at age 2 when my grandmother would babysit me. I would listen to it over and over again for hours. Having "Tomorrow Never Knows" trapped in my subconscious from that age has probably done more harm than good. Standout tracks – “Taxman, Eleanor Rigby, Tomorrow Never Knows."
       Astral Weeks Van Morrison
    Astral Weeks - $10.99
    "Got into this one late. Reading Lester Bangs' collected work in "Psychotic Reactions and Carburator Dung," he quotes the lyric to "Astral Weeks" and i had to hear it. Freakin' amazing. This man seemed able to bypass his brain for a time and had a direct connection from his heart to his voice. That's a good thing. Standout tracks - "Astral Weeks," "Sweet Thing," "Cypress Avenue."
       Wild Gift X
    Wild Gift - $10.99
    "Everyone has their fave X record. If they don't, then they SHOULD! this one is mine. Two great tastes that had no business going great together. Barebones punk rock coupled with some of rock music's most poetic (in the best sense of the word) lyrics ever. Standout tracks - "Adult Books," "Universal Corner," "White Girl," "Some Other Time."
       Cup Of Loneliness George Jones
    Cup Of Loneliness
    "A 2 cd comp of George's early recordings for Starday. You can hear him go from trying to imitate Hank Williams to finding his own remarkable voice. George's autobiography "I Lived to Tell It All" is recommended reading while listening to this one. "The Possum's Exploits" make Keith Moon look like a chartered accountant. Standout tracks - "No Money in This Deal," "The Window Up Above," "Out of Control."
       India Wire
    Pink Flag
    "If you don't know this album just go f***ing buy it. Don't bother thanking me, either. You'd do the same for me, I'd like to think. You pick a standout track. I can't."
       Construção The Rolling Stones
    Exile On Mainstreet - $15.99
    "Enjoy with a big glass of sweet tea, a chicken neck and your fave beer bong."
       The Dust Blows Forward Captain Beefheart
    The Dust Blows Forward - $29.36
    "Enjoy with a case of whippits."

    Oranger's latest album, New Comes And Goes, is available now in the ARTISTdirect Store for $9.99!

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