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    Ozma Biography

    Star Wick (vocals, keyboards, flute)
    Ryen Slegr (lead vocals, guitar)
    Kenn Shane (drums, vocals)
    Jose Galvez (guitar, vocals)
    Daniel Brummel (lead vocals, bass)

    Ozma are children of Pasadena, California, who met while still in high school and self-produced their debut album Rock and Roll Part Three in 2000. The album caught the attention of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, who quickly became Ozma's biggest supporter, inviting the band to open for Weezer on two US tours. Since then Ozma has further developed their national fan base touring with Hello Goodbye, Rilo Kiley, Straylight Run, Rooney, Nada Surf, Superdrag, The Get Up Kids, and The Rentals (to name a few). Sound Scanning just south of 50,000 records, the band managed to complete their college careers, while at the same time recording and releasing their second and third albums. In response to their accomplishments, Rivers was quoted on iTunes saying "[They're] beating me at my own game."

    The new album Pasadena features a cameo from Rachel Haden of That Dog and The Rentals, as well as an appearance by Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws. The record is named after their hometown -- land of the Rose Bowl, beautiful Craftsman bungalows, and the Van Halen brothers; but the album cover invites one to look at Pasadena through a surreal lens, blurring the line between imagination and reality. The cover art reflects the contrary elements within the group's music: melodies as free as seagulls, next to music that is futuristic, yet nostalgic as old Fords flying over Pasadena's historic Colorado Street Bridge. Pasadena reflects the evolution of Ozma from their former incarnation, now spiked by the tenacious drumming of their newest member, Kenn Shane, and the vocal debut of longtime keyboardist Star Wick, whose singing brings a sweetness to several tracks. As in previous efforts, consistently appealing vocalists and writers, Ryen Slegr and Daniel Brummel continue to expand and develop their craft, while rock solid rhythm guitarist, Jose Galvez, lays an unbreakable foundation of sound for them to stand on.

    The album was largely self-produced by Ozma along with friends Billy Burke and Greg Doyle, and mixed by Matt Hyde, who has mixed and produced acts like No Doubt, Sublime, Sum 41, Slayer, Porno for Pyros and more. A diamond in a sea of broken glass, a product of dedicated years and personal growth, Pasadena is an album you visit...a place you'll want to go for years to come.

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