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Austrian-born Paul Haslinger has secured a distinctive reputation for composing film scores which incorporate both robust classical elements and compelling electronica. Formally trained in his hometown of Linz, Haslinger ventured to Vienna, where he continued his classical studies while exploring the new domain of electronic music. Auditions for the band Tangerine Dream led to a five year collaboration, four albums, and several films, including Miracle Mile, Near Dark, and Canyon Dreams.

After his “Dream” period, Haslinger released three solo albums and scored two landmark animated science-fiction films, Planetary Traveler and Infinity’s Child. He continued perfecting his film scoring skills as the programmer for Graeme Revell, supplying memorable textures and atmospheric style to Blow, the Negotiator, The Siege, Pitch Black, and Tomb Raider, to name a few.

Haslinger earned his first solo credit as a film composer for the 2000 movie Cheaters, directed by John Stockwell. Since then, he has worked on Stockwell’s Crazy/Beautiful, Blue Crush, and last summer’s Into The Blue, starring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker.

2002 found Haslinger composing and producing musical segments for Steven Spielberg’s thriller Minority Report. In 2003, Haslinger scored Len Wiseman’s Underworld, his first film to open #1 at the US box office. In recent years, Haslinger has made a conscious effort to expand and diversify his work. His score for the Ubisoft/Xbox release Far Cry: Instincts was enthusiastically received by the gaming community; while his work on the Golden Globe/Emmy nominated series SleeperCell (Showtime) received wide critical acclaim for its integration of Western and Middle Eastern music elements. He continues to be in high demand as a film composer and is currently working on the upcoming Sleeper Cell Season 2 (Showtime) and the latest addition to the Tom Clancy video game series, Rainbow Six:Vegas. Recent Film releases include Crank (dir. Mark Neveldine/Brian Taylor) and Turistas (dir.John Stockwell)

Haslinger’s vision embraces film, games, albums and live performance in a modern musical world without boundaries.

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