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Singer-songwriter Paula Fernandes, 25, was born in Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais. She began singing as a child, at age eight and at 10, launched the first independent record, "Paula Fernandes." At that time, performed in festivals and concert halls of their city and its surroundings, and participated in television and radio to publicize the work. In Sete Lagoas, Paula had the radio program "Child Hope" in the company of friends and Sidney Brandão good performance led to participate in various numbers copyright in the "Stop Sertanejo", the TV Band Minas.

At age 12, Paula Fernandes moved with her family to São Paulo and was hired by a company outright, with whom she worked for five years, traveling throughout Brazil as a singer of the troupe, which earned him enough stage experience, repertoire and artistic life. That same year, inspired by the success of the novel "Anna Joe Thunder and Lightning", Paul released his second CD, "Ana Rayo," with pop repertoire / backcountry. Paula was then presented to the director Jayme Monjardim Marcus Viana by music producer, known for creating soundtracks for productions such as the novels "Pantanal", "The Clone and" The House of Seven Women. " The contact resulted in the recording of "Ave Maria Nature," a version of "Ave Maria" by Schubert, performed well on the trail of the novel "America."

That same year, Paula Fernandes released his third CD, "Songs of the South Wind," the label Dreams and Sons, with group participation Sacred Heart of Earth and singer Sergio Reis, in this song "Without You". "It's the most beautiful voice I heard in the last ten years," Reis said at the time. On the album, Paula was already showing its diversity of art, with themes that went by the MPB, pop, country, swing and root hints of world music. The album earned an important indication to Paula Tim Brazilian Music Award 2006, for Best Popular Singer (popular and official juries).

In December 2006, Paula Fernandes released the album "Dust in the Wind", also by the seal Dreams and Sons, with its international repertoire of songs like "Angel" by Sarah MacLachlan, "The Boxer" by Paul Simon, and a beautiful version of the song "Dust in the Wind" from Kansas, included on the soundtrack of the novel "Pages of Life."

In 2008, Paula Fernandes was signed by Universal Music, which focuses on the talent of the singer on the CD "Pássaro de Fogo (Firebird)", especially the songs "Meu eu em você" and "Pássaro de Fogo."

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