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    Pawnshop Biography

    Pawnshop first opened its pinkish eyes in New York City's East Village in the early 90's. Singer and songwriter Sean Smith has been at the center of Pawnshop's musical storm since then, picking up after the end of his young Rhode Island punk outfit Bored Youth. After self-releasing a 7" green vinyl 4-song EP and a demo cassette of songs, Pawnshop appeared with 4 early tracks on Home Office Records' "Burner" compilation of East Village music in 1997, and shortly thereafter inked an exclusive deal with that spunky New York indie label. The debut Pawnshop album, "Three Brass Balls," arrived in packed-room splendor in late 1998 and was released into national distribution in the spring of 1999. And then today you read these words, and both of our lives changed. One way or another.

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