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Peelander-Z was formed by three Japanese guys as a punk-rock band in 1998 in NYC. Now they have played more than 100 gigs in New York City at such hip venues as CBGB's , Continental, the Mercury Lounge, Arlene Grocery, Coney Island High and others, and They are known as one of the craziest and attractive bands in the city.

Peelander-Z performed on the national television on Comedy Central's Upright Citizens Brigade in 1999 because of their unique character, and they gained popularity. In February 2000, they released their first mini-album on their own Eat Rice Records label, through which they organized and promoted two seasonal Japanese punk festivals called JAPUNKS PANIC JAMBOREE at CBGB's. They crossed the Pacific to gig at legendary venue "Shibuya Yaneura" in Tokyo, Japan. Their powerful andenergetic performances gave their popularity and following have grown considerably. Peelander-Z released a split 7" on San Francisco's GC Record Label in December 2000.

Their first full album Rocket Gold Star was released in April 2001. The band was selected to be a part of New York City's " ART FRENZY " Art Festival, a major event that will spotlight New York's most artistic performers. They toured in Japan and Canada last summer. Especially Japan tour was such a large-scale thing, and they performed in 17 places whole country. Both of tours were taken up by every single media, such as magazines, television, and radio, and their performances won the greatest praise.

In October 2001, they performed at Meow Mix in NYC as a part of CMJ Music Marathon which is one of the biggest music festivals in the U.S.Although "JAPUNKS PANIC JAMBOREE" had been postponed because of the terrorism last year, it was finally held at CBGB's in April this year. This annual event has been indispensable for the underground punk rock scene in NYC. They performed a showcase at " New York -Tokyo Music Festival " which brings the Japanese and U.S. music worlds together in NYC in May. In June, They played for Terre T's "The Cherry Blossom Clinic" on WFMU91.1FM.

They toured in the Midwest, including a showcase in the Midwest Music Summit in August 2002. Metro Times in Detroit, Nuvo magazine in Indianapolis and others featured about them. Peelander-Z performed in the first annual M.E.A.N.Y Fest in NYC in September, and a showcase at the CMJ Music Marathon 2002 . The compilation CD "You Call This Music?! --Volume 2" has been released on GC Records. Their US Tour '02 was a great success. Shortly after that, they performed a showcase at SXSW2003 in March. They've just completed their summer tour, and new album P-Bone Steak has been released on Swell Records in July.

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