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    Phenom Biography

    Throughout the course of history many types of phenomena have been witnessed, some unexplained. Once again history repeats itself. From the crack infested, concrete jungle of South Central Los Angeles comes Phenom, an MC/lyricist/freestylist who lives up to the name with vivid, descriptive and catchy lyrics which come from a life of ups and downs. Phenom began his quest as an MC shortly after the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. In 1985, he became a member of Rock Squad Production, a rap group originally consisting of 3 MCs and one DJ. Phenom has performed at the L.A. Watts Games, The Good Life CafT, Club Elements as well as a number of other venues. In 1989, Phenom, along with a number of other MCs formed the Unfadeables and Phenom released a local single ôToo Dope To Fadeö. In 1995, Phenom moved to the Santa Clarita Valley, where he became acquainted with other MCs with a wide variety of skills and began to master his craft. In 1997, due to a bad relationship which became the inspiration for the track ôIz That Yo Man?ö, Phenom moved back to Los Angeles and with some of his old neighborhood peers formed the Strugglaz Compound, consisting of 10+ MCs. Produced by Prophet X for Prophecy Productions Unlimited, the tracks on PhenomÆs demo show his versatility as well as his lyrical ability to be comparable to and outshine MCs in the new millennium and beyond. As the co-host of the SteppinÆ Stone Show, an underground Internet Hip-Hop radio show and as a producer, Phenom is a Phenomenon amongst his peers in the rap game and definitely should not be slept on.

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