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The city of Philadelphia has been known as innovative and rich in music. Artists hailing from the City of Brotherly Love cover the black music spectrum, from Patti Labelle to Will Smith to Jill Scott to Philly's Most (formerly Philly's Most Wanted ). The spit fire duo Boobonic and Mr. of Philly's Most is back on the scene with a Universal Records debut CD, Ring The Alarm.

Influenced by musical geniuses such as Michael Jackson , Prince and rap legends NWA , Scarface , Nas and The Notorious B.I.G ., the South and South West Philly natives developed an interest in rap when, as Boobonic remembers, “on one of our birthdays, we started rhyming to some song on the radio for our families. They clapped and cheered for us. That was it! We were hooked." Later, after graduating from high school, the duo set out to secure a recording deal, but first they had to find a name. The name Philly's Most Wanted was suggested to them by Roca-A-Fella Records' artist Beanie Siegel . “We were being featured on other rappers albums' around Philadelphia and we would run into Beanie in various studios. One day, we were sitting around trying to come up with a name and he said, ‘Yo! Ya'll Philly's Most Wanted,' and the name stuck,” explains Mr.

In late 2001 the duo burst on the scene with their debut album Get Down or Lay Down (produced by new producers at that time, The Neptunes ) on Atlantic Records. Tracks “Please Don't Mind” and “Cross The Border” quickly became radio hits. “Cross The Border” was a top 5 video on BET and has spent some time on Billboard's Rap Charts. But all that glitters isn't gold. On the outside things looked good, but on the inside, the group was struggling with the label's politics. “Our first album's experience was like going to elementary school and Ring The Alarm for us is graduation day. Now we are more aware of the music machine and what it takes and what is needed for success,” says Boobonic .

Within four months of their separation from their former label, Philly's Most signed a deal with Universal Records. The duo was fixed on continuing to make music that Boobonic describes as “true to who we are.” Now living in Atlanta, Philly's Most recorded Ring The Alarm between their hometown Philadelphia and Atlanta. Laced with stellar production by She'ksphere ( Whitney Houston and Joe ) as well as Andre #26 Vidal ( Jill Scott ), Ring The Alarm features 12 hard-edged tales about everyday life of the young gifted and black man in the ghetto. The songs range from how to get money and women to taking care of family. The title track, “ Ring The Alarm” is a head-nodding ego boosting song where the duo flow about taking over the rap game. “ Memory Lane ” takes listeners to the day when Mr. 's brother was murdered and Boobonic 's memory of growing up in the hood. The melodic diary entry “ Away from Here ” features Black Thought (from The Roots ) and on “ My Baby ” (featuring Ryan Toby of City High ) the duo spit heartfelt lyrics on how they've sacrificed for the love of their family.

As Philly's Most make a mark in the industry they continue being true to who they are and their Universal debut, Ring The Alarm is a true verification of that.

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