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    Philm Biography

    It's understandable to assume that a side-project that features a member of Slayer will probably sound similar to the extreme metal sound that the group helped trail-blaze. But upon hearing the musical direction that Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has embraced with his new band, PHILM, fans are certainly in for a surprise. "When people hear about my involvement in PHILM, they automatically assume that it will compare to Slayer's sound," explains Lombardo. "They couldn't be more different. PHILM's sound is almost bi-polar - very unexpected of something that I would be so passionate about, and be a part of. I have scaled down my drum set to a four-piece, reminiscent to the drummers of the late 60's that influenced me. Each song is unique in itself, I like to refer to it as 'rhythmic emotion.' It's almost like taking all the heavy songs of the 60's and bringing that era to a modern plateau, then blending them with the modern trance and psychedelic sounds of today. When I think of PHILM, that's where I go."

    Joining Lombardo in PHILM is bassist Pancho Tomaselli (a long-time member of funk rockers, War) and singer/guitarist Gerry Nestler (who fronts prog metallists, Civil Defiance). "The band's sound is channeled through the many different influences of drum & bass, expressionism, and underground, that ranges via ancient and indigenous to street," adds Nestler. "There are many different things that Dave and I have been into that have contributed to the vision of PHILM. Pancho’s highly skilled bass playing, chordal color and shape have helped expand the overall sound instrumentation and groove. Dave’s drumming goes without comparison, except that it might be said, quote Pancho, 'It’s like playing with the seven (not four) horses of the Apocalypse behind you.' The music is heavy but sensitive, powerful and atmospheric. The band is a dark landscape at times where glimpses of light are held within the shadows." Meanwhile, Tomaselli has come up with a description he likes to use for PHILM's sound. "PHILM's sound is pure and balanced. Hard to describe but unique. I would call it 'novo punk.' We also want to bring the power trio back to life."

    PHILM has already played out live, and will continue to do so, in order to further hone the group's direction and approach. And Lombardo explains what fans can expect from the live PHILM experience. "PHILM shifts musically - it can be very intense at times, and then passive and soft, trans-like, then the rhythm shifts and swings as the music changes and molds itself into something people can dance to or bang their head to. I've seen the audience do both at our shows! In Slayer, I focus strictly on the guitar playing. In PHILM, I'm thinking of the power trio. I'm focusing on the bass lines, and the guitars become more of a backdrop or texture of the songs." Tomaselli adds, "Fans can expect a tsunami of sound at every show...that is what we do."

    As far as PHILM's future plans, the trio is in talks with potential labels, management, and booking agents, which will undoubtedly lead to future additional performances and a projected album. As Lombardo says, "We look forward to recording and going on tour, and sharing this with the masses of open minds!"

    Prepare yourself for the sonic onslaught of PHILM!

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