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Piers Faccini released his first solo album in 2004 to huge critical acclaim in France and much of Europe. The second album, critics said, would tell the tale. 'Tearing Sky', a collection of 14 vibrantly original songs is the confirmation of the musical ambition expressed in 'Leave No Trace.'

Piers Faccini: A geography of a thousand melodies, a musical graph in life from London to Paris, from Naples to Los Angeles. Three languages to speak but his music has more tongues. From the Mississipi laments to the trance Pizzica of Southern Italy, from the music of the Malian desert to the haunting tales of English folk.

From the first to the last song, Piers Faccini's voice summons and beckons the listener. Shaman like, his tone soft and hypnotic, entices you to join him in each song. Each musical wave that breaks conjuring a new shore, a different world. Upon this ocean of sound, his voice sets and rises again.

At the helm of the ship stood producer JP Plunier, better known for having brought us Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. With his taste for the essential and his ear tuned into each and every facet of the music, JP provided the perfect foil for Piers's songwriting. Together at Sonora Studios in Los Feliz, LA, twelve intense days sufficed to plot 'Tearing Sky'.

JP gathered up his team of musicians on 'Tearing sky' much as a film director chooses his actors.We find Juan Nelson on bass, and Adam Topol on drums forming the core of the rythmn section and appearances in various guises come from Leon Mobley, Merlo Podlowski, Oliver Charles, Gus Seyffert and Bob Coke. Ben Harper and Inara George add their unique voices as backing vocals, Chris Darrow his mandolin and the Malian Ballake Sissoko, his angelic kora playing. Piers Faccini wrote and sung all the songs, playing all the guitars and layering extra touches of colour with a chinese 'er hu' violin, a harmonium or a harmonica. Behind the mixing desk,Eric Serafin completes this musical jigsaw.

A storm is tearing across the skies, but one so tender, it'll do no harm.

Piers Faccini All Music Guide Biography

A soulful and expressive singer/songwriter whose music fuses folk, acoustic blues, and West African textures, Piers Faccini was born in England to Anglo-Italian parents, and moved with his family to France when he was five years old. A graduate of the prestigious King's College of Our Lade of Eton, in 1997 Faccini began making a name for himself on the London music scene with the group Charley Marlowe, which featured Faccini, spoken word artist Francesca Beard, guitarist Lucas Suarez, and percussionist Frank Byng. While Charley Marlowe earned a passionate following on London's acoustic music circuit for their unique blend of poetry and music, Faccini, who had been writing scores for British television on the side, felt constrained by their approach and left the band in 2001 to write and perform on his own. In 2004, he released his first solo album, Leave No Trace, through the French Bleu Electric label and toured extensively following its release. Faccini signed an American record deal with the Everloving Records label and played a number of shows in Europe with like-minded U.S. musicians Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. J.P. Plunier, who had produced sessions for both Harper and Johnson, signed on to produce Faccini's second full-length album, 2006's Tearing Sky, which featured backing vocals from Harper and accompaniment from several members of his band the Innocent Criminals. Two Grains of Sand arrived in 2009, followed by My Wilderness in 2011, and Between Dogs and Wolves in 2013, the latter of which arrived via his own Beating Drum label. When not busy with his musical career, Faccini is also a visual artist who has exhibited his paintings of landscapes and portraits. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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