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Over two decades ago, back when high top fades ruled over other cuts, psychedelic colors blazed as brightly as neon signs, and pure, unadulterated R&B music was at its prime, the members of Pretty Ricky were just little kids with big dreams. Years later, the group members, known to the public as Pretty Ricky, recorded their first album, “BLUESTARS,” which has sold over 800,000 copies. Spawning such hits as “Grind With Me” and “Your Body,” the Miami, Florida natives instantly became a force to be reckoned with.

Stirring up fan frenzy, making frequent guest appearances on shows like BET’s 106 & Park, and performing on tours with Bow Wow, Chris Brown and other chart toppers became a way of life for Pretty Ricky, who were literally on their grind. With their sophomore album “LATE NIGHT SPECIAL,” which has since gone Gold, the group’s popularity soared, due in part to the fan-based subject matter like “On The Hotline” and “Push It Baby.” The imminent release of their third album, “80s BABIES,” set to be released September 23rd, proves that three times is the charm.

“The first album, we were new, like we were in high school,” explains the group. “The second album is was like we were in college, and now with the third album, we’re out of college, we got bills, we’re grown. If you cried when you heard our first album, you needed a tissue, with the second album, you needed a rag, and with the third album, you’ll need a towel, you’ll love it so much.”

And fans may cry a river of tears when they hear such tracks as “Knockin’ Boots,” a retro remake of the ballad first made popular by Luther Campbell’s group H-Town, originally recorded in 1993. The song, which at the time reached platinum status, is one of those feel good throwback songs, exuding romance and showcasing the heart wrenching vocals of the group’s new hunk of chocolate, lead singer 4Play who joins the band on this album.

“4Play is our secret weapon,” says Spectacular. “He’s here for the ladies. His falsetto is sick.” Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 4Play made a point of appearing backstage at various Pretty Ricky concerts, and when the word got out that the group was looking for a new lead singer, he was ready to show them what he could do. “He just sort of popped out of nowhere,” says Spectacular. “With him, it’s game time, baby, and we’re gonna win the Superbowl with this one!”

With so much maturity and growth exhibited by the group members in the past several years, it was difficult for them to narrow down selections for the forthcoming CD. “We just went into the studio and took our time with the material,” says Diamond Blue. “We wanted the Pretty Ricky sound to permeate and be felt all over our listeners’ bodies. With our first album, we were just getting into the game as professional artists. This time, we’re showing our growth. We are really going to surprise our listeners with the subject matter and our vocals. We’re actually signing in 10-part harmony.”

“80s BABIES” launches with the ear pleasing single, “Cuddle Up,” on which Diamond Blue, Slick ’Em, Spectacular and 4Play, offer a variety of tasty ear candy, ranging from white chocolate to caramel to dark chocolate. The track showcases the talents of one of the group’s acts, female artists Butta Crèame. Slick ’Em’s use of the slang word, “Shonin’,” gave the group the creative idea to pen a song dedicated to the slang expression for making love.

Other than the collaboration with Butta Crèame, there are no guest appearances on “80s BABIES,” a deliberate decision that the group made. As Spectacular explains, “We don’t need to have features on this album; we are self-sufficient.”

Although Pretty Ricky is at the top of their game and plans to unleash a series of entrepreneurial ventures including Pretty Ricky clothing and accessories, the group plans to continue their new tradition of having at least one remake on future albums. “We feel that Pretty Ricky represents Jodeci, Marvin Gaye and other successful R&B acts who came about in a time when there was real music,” says Diamond Blue. “We will record others songs that people love and give them the Pretty Ricky touch. We want to pay homage to artists who were holding it down. We want our fans to remember where they were when they first heard our songs.”

Pretty Ricky, the new bad boys of R&B, feel that one of the reasons for their success is that their music touches the inner soul. “We just wanted to accomplish the same feeling on this album so that it would be a continuation. We are in this forever.”

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