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Every once in a while, a band comes along and starts a musical revolution. Whether Psychostick is one of those bands or not is a subject of debate, but one thing is for sure: they probably couldn’t care less either way.

Coming straight out of Phoenix, and glad to get out of the heat, Psychostick is a self-proclaimed "humor-core" band, successfully blending a combination of heavier genres such as metal and hardcore with an off-the-wall sense of humor. Their highly energetic and entertaining live show made them a local legend. They self-released their first full length album We Couldn't Think of a Title, which gained them national exposure on XM Radio's Squizz 48, and landed them a record deal with Rock Ridge Music, who will release the album nationally September 12, 2006.

The reputation of Psychostick has spread over the Internet through word of mouth like a zombie plague, except it serves to motivate people to laugh and headbang rather than seek brains to devour for sustenance. The phenomenon that is Psychostick shall continue to spread to anyone who appreciates heavy music and has a sense of humor, until every CD player and iPod is infected.

In other words, God help us all.

PSYCHOSTICK, defined by Jarsh

Rob (or RAWRB!) - Rob is the singer. His whole stage character makes fun of rockstar-ego guys. It's not uncommon onstage for him to talk about how amazing or good looking he is. But if you even do a little research on Rob, you'll quickly find he is just about the biggest dork you will find... totally into video games, website programming, anime, stuff like that.

Vince (or V for short) - He's the newest addition to the band, he plays lead guitar stuff and doubles the rhythm. Vince is very hyper and crazy, and obsessed with guitars and guitar tone. If they were to find a cure for cancer and somehow guitar tone was involved, Vince would have found the connection. It's also not uncommon for him to randomly say, "WHEE!!!!" for no reason.

Josh (or JARSH! or The J) - That's me, I play rhythm guitar. I am a self-proclaimed guitar-ninja. Like a ninja, my energy is subdued and self-controlled, and I choose my moments. My favorite thing to do is make very stupid analogies using very intelligent wording (I'm a big Monty Python fan). I like to randomly bring up and relate out-there subjects such as quantum physics, psychology, and philosophy to everyday events for the sake of confusing people. For example, I might say something like, "A comparison is like an analogy."

Mike (or Mike the Evil) - Mike plays bass. Since metal is supposed to be evil, and Mike wants to be metal, he aims to be the most evil guy out there. Of course, he has an obsession with flames and the color black. He loves to randomly say stuff like, "The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers!" He's also one of the funniest guys I've ever met.

Alex (just Alex) - If Mike is the evil one, Alex is the cynical one. He is our drummer, and loves to hate everyone and everything, and he is certain that aliens are watching us. He has never had a car, loves BMX bikes, and makes fun of people who drive because they have "2 many wheels". He is very good at making macaroni and cheese, and will argue that he is the best at it. He has also seen more bad B-movies than anyone I know.

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