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Raul Malo Biography

Considered to be one of the finest singers in the world, Raul Malo has always crossed cultures and blurred musical boundaries, breaking new ground with his distinctive balance of vintage sound and contemporary attitude. Born in Miami of Cuban parents, Raul is best known as the founder and frontman of Grammy-winning, multi-platinum band the Mavericks. He made his mark in the country music world and then drifted into the Latin and jazz arenas via rock n roll. Rauls talent has proven over the years to be ever expanding--as a true fan of all kinds of music, he sees only a fine line between rock n roll, country and salsa rhythms.

Currently Raul is traveling in the US making a short series of very unique solo appearances. Sheer exuberance...Malo mixes lounge crooning with zestful Latin music and adds a dash of country twang, writes the Chicago Tribune. Each night, Raul delivers an eclectic mix of personal and fan favorites, beautifully performed and extremely diverse. The set includes stunning acoustic renditions of several of the best-loved songs from the Mavericks catalog--his signature hits What A Crying Shame, Dance The Night Away,Here Comes The Rain, and All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down. Staggeringly powerful live, Raul is just as likely to break into Tom Jones Its Not Unusual, as the Cuban standards Guantanamera and Siboney, then follow with Merle Haggards Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down or Rodgers and Harts Blue Moon.

Unusually charismatic and possessing a keen wit, Raul is larger than life. To hear him perform live is to be in the presence of greatness. Force of nature Raul Malo wraps his husky vocals around everything like he owns the copyright on heartbreak, says Entertainment Weekly. Rauls far-reaching talent and adventurous attitude toward his music has often led to the pursuit of new creative endeavors, and in the last couple of years he has established himself as a solo artist, as a producer and television musical director, and as a member of the super-group Los Super Seven.

Yet, first and foremost, Raul is a singer. Raul Malo has a voice on par with the best of em: Sinatra, George Jones and Orbison, says Rolling Stone. As the lead Maverick, as a key participant on the last two Los Super Seven albums and as a solo artist, Raul has been making records now for a good 15 years. Not just any records, but really good records -- the kind discriminating fans, critics and especially fellow musicians rally behind and cherish regardless of fickle fashion and commercial success. Its a body of work full of surprising stylistic quick turns and unexpected detours -- from country to Tex-Mex rock n roll to joyously kitschy 60s cocktail pop to strait-up, traditional Cuban and South American music -- but always executed with a degree of craft and ultra-confidence suggesting an artist who, far from fumbling around in the creative dark, always seems to know exactly what hes doing and where he wants to go.

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