Reggie and the Full Effect

Reggie and the Full Effect Biography

In June 1988, a massive fire broke out at the infamous White Chocolate Studios. This was the home base for Reggie And The Full Effect. In the blaze, hundreds of master tapes were lost and Reggie became the main suspect in the fire. His mysterious disappearance, at the peak of his stardom, only heightened speculation of guilt. In the years to follow, many people became familiar with the music of Reggie And The Full Effect. Rumors also spread about Reggie and his alleged ties with the underworld.

Whatever stories floated in and out of the rumor mill, his followers always stayed loyal. Many of his fans started to report sightings. Newspapers covered the sightings, one week it was Los Angeles, another week it was Chicago, so on and so on... Reggie's popularity grew and grew. Though his records were out of print, his fans took it upon themselves to bootleg his music. He is now the fourth-most-bootlegged artist in the world. His fans have grown obsessive over him, and his unnamed enemies have grown more ominous.

Stories have surfaced about Reggie and his insatiable appetite for gambling. His enemies have launched a "Reggie Is Dead" campaign. In turn, fans have countered in support of their icon: their campaign -- "Reggie Lives". So much can be derived from these words. It has become a battle cry, a bumper sticker, and the slogan of a legend. It's truly nothing less than a worldwide phenomenon.

In February of 2000, the people at vagrant / heroes villains record label in Santa Monica, CA received a box of unmarked audiotapes. Two newly joined staff members stumbled upon the boxes early one Saturday morning on their way in to the head office. Within those boxes they found the story of a man and his music.

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