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Rival Schools Biography

Rival Schools, in case you don't know, is a fierce rocking unit consisting of four rockers that like to rock. Walter Schreifels, who fronted the late great Quicksand, is singing as well as holding down one of the axes. The man swinging the other axe complete with numerous hot licks is Ian Love. Known to few as Captain EO, Ian spent some time in the band Burn, as well as fronting his own groups through the years. He prefers Ian to EO, Liam, or The Captain. Cache "Utah Slim" Tolman is in charge of the low end. Inspired more by Robbie Shakespeare, and less by Gene Simmons, he played in Iceburn as well as CIV, not to mention his not to be missed solo Dub and country projects. Drummer Sammy Siegler played with "Utah" in CIV as well as many other N.Y. hardcore ensembles in which he often teamed up with Schreifels. The four did not go to the same schools.

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