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RxBandits (formerly The Pharmaceutical Bandits) formed over two years ago by longtime friends Matt and Franz. These two school mates, from Seal Beach/Long Beach (south of L.A.), shared a common love for music, board-sports and "golden-nuggets" (youÆd have to ask them). With these traits in common, and a whole bunch of slang terms no one else can make sense of, they set out to finding like-minded players to form a band.

First to join the fledgling band was Noah, also known as "Stry", who was recruited from the high school jazz band. Next up was Chris, who came to MattÆs to try out as trumpet player. However, after auditioning on trumpet, he sat down at an old drum set that had been in their practice space, and even though heÆd never played before, blew everyone away with a natural talent he didnÆt know he had. Now, back to only a sax as their "horn section," they knew that something was missing. After placing a classified ad in Skratch, a local music æzine, the search continued. Rich, the first and consequently last, person to answer the ad was immediately welcomed into the band after a brief and energetic audition.

Now, with a solid line-up, they began rehearsing. Influenced by such bands as sublime, SkankinÆ Pickle, Motley Crue, Less Than Jake, Jimmy Eat World and The Impossibles, the band began to write their own songs. Before they knew it, they had enough material to start playing shows û their first was a friendÆs "Sweet 16th" party. Since those early (birth)days, RxBandits have played shows with Less Than Jake, Buck-O-Nine, HomeGrown, Save Ferris, The Toasters, The Aquabats and The Skeletones, the Get Up Kids (just to name a few).

The Pharmaceutical BanditsÆ debut CD, Those Damn Bandits, was released on the bandÆs own label, Antedote Records, in September of 1997 - quite an accomplishment considering the average age of the band was only 16. Those Damn Bandits sold out of the original pressing of 2,000 copies within three months, in Orange County alone. LA-based indie label Drive-Thru Records, licensed the CD from the band and have sold an additional 3,000 copies to date.

The summer of Æ98 was spent on a national club (and automotive repair centers) tour in their mid-80Æs Ford Econoline "Tour Bus." The new album, Halfway Between Here and There, was recorded in October 1998 (shortly after the van died) at Brett GuerwitzÆs WestBeach Recorders. The 11-track album was produced/engineered by Donell Cameron, whoÆs past credits include albums by Bad Religion, NOFX, the Offspring and Propagandhi, in a brief 10-day session. Halfway Between Here and There (released in Jan. Æ99) shows a more mature side of the band û all the members are now old enough to vote and kill for their country, though none are old enough to buy a beer.

In the summer of Æ99, Drive-Thru Records entered into a distribution deal with MCA Records. This deal led to the re-mixing of two tracks, "What If" and "Gun In Your Hand", by Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam), which are now included on the re-release of Halfway Between Here and There (October of Æ99). The re-released record also features new album art and additional band photos.

Their sound combined with their boundless energy and passion have earned them the reputation of being one of the best live bands in the area. At their shows itÆs nearly impossible not to be drawn in by their charm. So, look out for RxBandits at a club near you û Æ99 tour dates are listed at www.rxbandits.com.

When you meet the guys, remember to ask what "golden-nuggets" are û and please share if youÆve got æem.

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