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Searching for that perfect beat, Sander Kleinenberg describes himself as: “sincere, cheerful and a little cheeky.” His music meanwhile speaks for itself. Full of character and always animated, even the titles can ignite our imagination, as compositions such as, "My Lexicon," "Sacred," "Work To Do," "Repeat To Specify" and most recently "The Right Time" and "The Fruit" testify!

To swiftly summarise Sander’s story, he was born and raised in Holland. Initial memories of music include tuning into the radio and listening to a variety of international sounds. A hip-hop loving kid and graffiti artist of the 1980s, his parents forcefully made him take piano lessons for five years. His unique speaker-tweaking tale started back in school. DJing throughout his teens, Sander cites Mantronix, John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, Shep Pettibone and Depeche Mode as among wide-ranging early influences.

After releasing some tracks on various Belgium and German labels, he launched his own imprint, Deal Recordings. Sander went on to raise his profile considerably with the S&S Project anthem "Y.D.W. (You Do Me Wrong)," which was released via Strictly Rhythm. Sander’s studio productions continued to grow in both strength and number, leading to material being licensed to the cool, collective Global Underground (GU) compilations, including Sasha’s outing in 1999. Soon after, "My Lexicon" became the global anthem of the summer of 2000 and is to this day considered part of the progressive blue print.

In 2001 the passionate purveyor of captivating rhythms mixed an illuminating Nubreed 4 album for GU (Boxed) and an international audience was immediately enchanted. Cue Kleinenberg’s triumphant triad of creations, the inspired Four Seasons EPs to mirror his intensely rich club experiences. The equally remarkable Everybody mix arrived later in 2003 capturing the spirit of Sander’s times, and he went on to win DanceStar’s Best Remix award for Justin Timberlake’s "Rock Your Body" in 2004. No stranger to the art, he also boldly re-touched other high profile talents such as Lamya, Annie Lennox, N.E.R.D. and Janet Jackson, the latter ending up at number one on the Billboard charts. With a devotion to quality music regardless of its roots, Sander’s strength is his diversity. Hybrids, collaborations and synthesis between genres have thus cross-pollinated the fertile mind of Kleinenberg, resulting in robust offspring…

Sander’s second label, Little Mountain Recordings (LMR) started in 2003 and reactions from the dance community have been phenomenal since. “LMR represents a sincere love of my work,” he states. “It’s just about tracks I’ve been hearing, that I think need a platform. No well-known producers, just people from my circle and those who find me.” A labour of love for Sander, again the title holds much meaning -- Little Mountain is actually a loose translation of his last name, Kleinenberg!

As a down to earth DJ, Sander’s focus is fixed upon on the floor. He understands the dynamics of dance music, precisely. Kleinenberg can work rooms the world over with vibrations to arouse body and soul. At the end of the day, or night, Sander is addicted to the positive energy exchange taking place when people are united under a groove. Sander’s anti-exclusive, but all-inclusive Everybody concept thus celebrates life and simply having a good time with music. The Everybody parties started in The Netherlands, but have embraced dancefloors globally and Everybody residencies will illuminate the forthcoming year in New York, Ibiza and London.

Forward-thinking as an artist/producer, Sander is forever seeking to expand his horizons as a DJ, continually investigating new technologies to enhance the existing experience through experimentation.

In 2004 this resulted in Sander being the very first at road testing the first DJ friendly DVD player the DVJ-X1, an audio-visual mixing device that evidently excites his senses. “It is awesome,” he observes. “I have been doing special premiere shows in New York, Amsterdam, Montreal and Germany so far, with a fully-fledged global tour kicking off in September. I work to develop special visuals for as many tracks as possible, which is an ongoing process but creates a fantastic dancefloor tool and enables me to think about virtual performances in the future.

In September/October 2004 Renaissance releases This Is Everybody Too (Via Thrive Records in North America), follow up to his much acclaimed Everybody; It’s a Renaissance! The edgy line-up again shouts quality and features two new Kleinenberg productions set to cause serious chaos on both dancefloors and radio waves. Expect juicy electronic jams with infectious bass and funky vocals, some from John Fugler of Fluke. Obviously these are a starting point for Sander, with much work to do on his debut artist album. As such, he plans on taking out time from his hectic performance schedule in early 2005 to experimentally sound out this deliciously fresh project - so stay tuned!

On a final note, yes Kleinenberg is a ‘progressive’ DJ, but in the truest sense of the word. With characteristic zest he reveals, “Electronic music is always developing into new territories, methods of production are taken to higher levels each time a new piece of equipment is released. It’s this journey, in search of the perfect beat, which keeps me inspired and energised…”

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