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An overture sets the scene by tempting you with all the drama and intrigue that the full story will bring, but snatches it away before your coat is even checked. Perhaps that’s why Sarah Blasko has chosen The Overture & The Underscore as the title of her very first album.

It was in her suburban bedroom that she set to work on her first EP Prelusive, a six-track treasure of beats, guitars and vocals that lead to her being signed to fresh-faced Australian record label Dew Process, who envisaged big things for Sarah.

But by then, Sarah was already miles ahead. She’d already left behind the quaint charm of the bedside sampler and was busy working on a whole new sound, and finding a whole new city in which to forge it.

Arriving in Hollywood with her arms full, having spent the previous six months writing and recording at home, Sarah brought with her a clear vision and a barrage of demo material - from 4-track tapes of endless tipsy acoustic sessions to painstakingly elaborate arrangements for mammoth synthesized orchestras. Even a sample or two straight from a 1980s Casio keyboard.

There, Sarah found an ally in Wally Gagel, whose work with The Eels and The Folk Implosion had already shown a flair for melding the organic with the electronic. She also avoided the input of too many outsiders, with her and bandmate Robert F Cranny arranging and playing almost all of the instruments on the album, and drumming superhero Joey Waronker - originally called in for a handful of tracks - playing all the drums and percussion.

Tunes originally hatched on lone guitars or pianos grew into sweeping symphonies. Tracks laid down in the town house closets of her suburban demo sessions mingled happily in the company of those born under the spotlights of Hollywood nights. Even some of the Casio keyboard lines survived.

Instantly applauded by critics upon its Australian release in late 2004, The Overture & the Underscore, has been steadily building an attentive audience as much through extensive radio airplay, striking video clips and dynamic live performances as from simple word of mouth. After a successful Australian summer festival season for Blasko and her five-piece band, her first Australian headlining tour sold out swiftly across the country, earning the approval of both critics and fans.

Sarah Blasko's debut album speaks largely for itself: eleven new compositions including “Don’t U Eva”; the engineering and production skills of Wally Gagel; the amazing drumming of Joey Waronker (Beck, REM); the studious studio arrangements of Sydney indie-rock mainstay Robert F Cranny; and the sublime songwriting, inimitable intuitions and unique voice of Sarah Blasko. All delicately and painstakingly created somewhere beneath the world’s most famous real estate sign.

She’s called it The Overture & The Underscore. Perhaps it’s time to take our seats.

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