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    Scout Biography

    Scout have long remained one of the truly essential groups.

    Led by singer/guitarist Ashen Keilyn and supported by step-brother Lou Rawles (drums), Rimas Remeza (bass) and guitar player David Weintraub. Their inspired mixture of pop, powered interplay and irresistible melody contributes to a music that is both exciting and special.

    ScoutÆs "Someplace Would Be Nice" has been variously described as "enigmatic" and "magnificent." It has been hailed by critics who were lucky enough to get a copy, and talked about by enough people to make it one of rock ÆnÆ rollÆs true cult records of the 90Æs. A landmark in the history of rock ÆnÆ roll, a deeply honest, personal and unforced musical exploration by one of the greatest pop groups in the world, possibly the greatest group of all time.

    Long deleted, the reissue of "Partialburg," their debut album, along with an unreleased ep from 1996 "Abingdon Square," merely reaffirm their excellence and deservedly bring Scout back into focus.

    In spite of great critical praise, bad distribution deals and limited pressings have successfully undermined "PartialburgÆs" chance of ever being a house-

    hold name. From here on out, KeilynÆs career has been marked by a hard-headed determination to play the game her way. Nevertheless Scout should not be faulted for the way some people have chosen to perceive it. Their profound effect on much of todayÆs talent and their uncompromising

    presentation justly gives them the right to be designated rockÆnÆroll geniuses.

    -Mike Olenstinx

    (mostly stolen)

    "WeÆre not just another power-trio! WeÆve done something different that sets us apart from other three piece bands like Rush, Yo La Tengo and Husker Du, WeÆve added a 2nd guitarist named Steve. HeÆs got these things called stomp-boxes that go æwoo-woo-wooÆ."

    -Lou Rawles


    "Scout is unbelievably great" - Ben Reiser

    "You can never say enough about Scout" - Pemberton Roach

    "Here it is only the third week in January and we already have the best album of 1999." - Dennis McEvoy

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