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Serge Blenner was born in France in 1955 and studied late composition &

harmony at the conservatory of Mulhouse/France. In 1975 he moved to Germany

where he still lives. Between 1980 - 1999 he has released seven LP's and Ars

Oratoria is his 12th CD release. On this 72+ minute latest release he presents

21 tracks of orchestral, chamber & electronic elements that go into melodic

romanticism, dark orchestral passages and ambient progressive music that

are rich in depth and have been composed using various Samplers and

Synthezisers. This release is the first on his own label.

Serge Blenner Bio from Discogs

Serge Blenner was born 1955 in France and studied composition and harmony at the conservatoire of Mulhouse, before he moved to Germany in 1975. At a very early stage of this new genre he began to experiment with electronic music and presented his work in a series of life concerts in Munich and Hamburg in 1978. Since 1980 he lives in Hamburg and works in his studio Esthématique.

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