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    Shantel Biography

    K7Records is proud to announce the return of Shantel! After an artistic break of almost two years, Stefan Hantel, traveled the world with his record collection and a modus operandi reminiscent of milestone philosophers, always in search of new horizons and imaginative truths. His extraordinary selection and DJ sets echo from San Francisco to Moscow...

    Shantel’s reverence for the classic sounds of funk and soul and his curiosity for musical innovations enticed him to create a platform for the emerging downtempo scene in Germany. This defined the sophisticated sound , in a country obsessed with techno,of progressive labels such as Studio k7. Shantel established the "Lissania Essay" club in the red-light district of Frankfurt where artists like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Howie B and Whirlpool played their first gigs and initiated the dance-floor acid jazz movement in Germany.

    It´s been three years since Shantel's last album "Higher Than The Funk". Considered to be one of Germany’s best producers by Kruder & Dorfmeister , Howie B and Rockers Hi-Fi, Shantel will make a worldwide appereance once again with !K7 Records. Those artists who are not permanentely present will soon fade into oblivion, but then are musicians whose absence is part of their own steadiness and craft.
    In early 1999, SHANTEL moved to Tel Aviv, Israel from his hometown Frankfurt am Main. On the road with limited equipment, SHANTEL found tremendous inspiration. Off and running, he conceived his new album "Great Delay", through the catacombs of the Babylon Central Studio, in Frankfurt, and the Clemantin Secret Laboratories in Tel Aviv. There he recorded with small string quartets, horn ensembles and the singer Efrat Ben-Zur. The pleasant climate and the breathtaking energetic atmosphere that vibrates in the Israelian metropolis, had a magical impact on SHANTEL. Tel Aviv witnesses the clash of cultural ideologies and is the interface between orient and occident. It´s a highly inspiring place for artists. For SHANTEL, it had an important effect on the production on "Greatdelay", his fourth album.

    His music has become more stereophonic, soulful, refined and crystalline. The fine blend of acoustic live instruments such as strings, guitars, horns, freeform beats and lush grooves, have been combined in a vibrant organic fusion. A musical eclectic "shaker" of sample trickery, where his immaculate artistry adds a subtle nuance to SHANTEL’s stylistic diversity. Some of the effects of this sonic adventurism are almost tangible on "L´Intro", the first song on "Greatdelay". A string quartet, a Bossa beat, acoustic guitar and mellow vibe buzzes in this tune; at the same time it is the remarkable starting point for the rest of the album. Each track represents a musical statement of their own.

    The whole album is marked by the spatial sound that defines the aesthetics and brilliance of his production: the delay effects of his mixing desk which is also the inspiration behind its name. During his always exciting studio sessions, he used the delay as an instrument, a sound generator of his own with its own dynamic.

    His progressive and innovative sound reflect a specific vibe, much like his DJ sets where he plays dub, house, breakbeats, bossa, batucada and music from the balcans and the orient. And like in the studio, where he plays on sound suspense with his delay, he works the crowd by delaying the musical climax to the max.
    Shantel’s philosophy for "Greatdelay" is the delaying of all things. In love as in life.......

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