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Sharief is a 21st century soul man par excellence. For this reason one shouldn't confuse his art and craft with anything called 'neo-soul' or any other trendy label. As Sharief himself has inquired, "why does it have to be 'neo', why cant it just be Soul?"

Sharief is a man that knows of what he speaks. You can tell where he's coming from in a heartbeat anytime you catch him in support mode on gigs for artists as diverse as Chocolate Genius and Vivian Green, holding it down with his guitar-slinging, bass-thumping, vocalizing, and harmonizing.

What you may not have heard is the sound of his own soul singing, his straight out from the core material. Sure, all the classic influences are in play -- Curtis, Jimi, Sly, The Brothers Johnson, and Prince -- but there's also wit and a charm and sensuous edge that are uniquely Sharief's. You can also hear a lack of fear. He takes his time, building things slowly from the ground up, delivering on soul's major themes - love and heartbreak, sadness and sexual healing. What you hear in Sharief's sound is emotion taking precedence over fashion and solid groove given more significance than overly clever fussiness.

Soul is also a music that demands innovation, invention, and melodic surprise. Sharief is a young artist who, like his forbearers, knows how to craft a song that can stand on its two feet and not overshadow the deep feeling of the music. Sharief's solo work has been a long time in coming. Call it a necessary extension of the house of rhythm and blues.

Stage and Studio Credits:

Alicia Keys, Amandla, Ananda Acoustic Root, Angledust, Bilal, Brook Valentine, Camille Yarbrough, Carl Hancock Rux, Ceelo, Chocolate Genius, Citizen Cope, Common, D'Angelo, Devo Springsteen, DJ Scratch, Eryka Badu, Hub Moore, Jack Herrera, Jaguar Wright, Jazzyfatnastees, John Legend, Kanye West, Kecia, Kindred and the Family Soul Band, Lauryn Hill, Liz Fields, Macy Gray, Maxwell, Me'shell N'degeocello, Miho, Musiq Soulchild, Peven Everette, Stephan Smith, Steve Harvey, The Last Poets, The Roots Crew, The Soul Diggaz, Toshi Regan, Vivian Green, Ween

Sharief in Burgundy's Album, Bubby Luv

"Sharief is a modern day singer songwriter, whose sound is a subtle combination of the classical influences of Jimi and Prince with the present ever evolving soul of Sharief in Burgundy. He has the ability to breathe life into his lyrics, delivering on soul's major themes of love & heartbreak, sadness and sexual healing. Just like a fine wine which invigorates all senses, so too does Sharief in Burgundy...inspiring, intriguing and elevating soul to a new level. There is no need to place the trendy label of "neo-soul" on this man. Sharief is a real musician multifaceted within the ever growing sound of soul."

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