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Silverchair are a three piece rock band from Newcastle Australia. The group was formed by three schoolmates (Daniel Johns, guitar/vocals, Ben Gillies/drums, Chris Joannou/bass) around 1992, using the name Innocent Criminals. They first attracted public attention in mid 1994 when they won a demo competition supported by the Australian radio station Triple J. This quickly lead to a recording contract even though at the time the bandmembers were all only 14 or 15 years old.

Their debut album, Frogstomp, was a raw, muscular slab of angst riffen rock. Recorded in just nine days, it was released in 1995 and quickly became a huge hit not just in their homeland but also in North America where it entered the top 10 on the back of the single Tomorrow. At the time, some critics said that the group was derivative of many other alternative bands, particularly those from Seattle but that did not stop Frogstomp from becoming a multiplatinum success around the world, eventually selling more than 2.5 million copies.

Silverchair toured the world in between their schooling commitments including stints supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers in the U.S.

In 1997, they released their sophomore album Freak Show. The album saw the band starting to find a more original sound while Daniel Johns' lyrics dealt with the pressures of adapting to the sudden fame. In Australia and parts of Europe the album yielded huge hits such as Freak and Abuse Me but, although it went gold in the U.S., its sales performance was not as strong as Frogstomp.

Following their graduation from high school the band started work on the album that became 1999's Neon Ballroom. Daniel Johns had been through many emotional problems and he used the album as a catharsis for his personal demons. Employing a wider range of instrumentation, his heartfelt and distinctive songs had a sound which not even the harshest critic could call derivative. As a result Neon Ballroom attracted tremendous critical acclaim around the world, particularly the haunting Ana's Song" and the epic Emotion Sickness (which featured pianist David Helfgott, the inspiration for the movie Shine).

Freed of their schooling obligations silverchair was able to tour much more extensively in support of Neon Ballroom. These efforts bore fruit with the disc ultimately outselling Freak Show with global sales in excess of 1.5 million copies.

Now, all just entering their twenties, Silverchair have established themselves as a formidable live rock band. Unlike many of their contemporaries they have continued to evolve musically while attracting a loyal, and growing, fan base. They now seem established as a band with a long career ahead of them, a result which would have seemed highly unlikely when they first burst onto the music scene as teenagers back in the ninties.

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Australian grunge-rock band "Silverchair", formerly known as "Innocent Criminals", were still in high-school when they won a radio contest on Triple J. They managed to build on that momentum into a worldwide success before they had even finished their senior year. The CD Single "Tomorrow" was produced as a result of winning that contest, it was an EP that in 1994 reached #1 in Australia, a year before the album "Frogstomp" was even released.

On indefinite hiatus since May 2011.

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